Ken Prue wants Ban on Town competing on Entertainment

Nobody seems unhappy that the Town produces Movies in the Park or organizes the Sand Castle Festival but Loft owner Ken Prue objects to the Town competing with Concerts.  A case in point is this coming weekend when there are seven significant entertainment events mostly produced by not-for-profit organizations yet the Town is putting on a Concert at the Community Centre that directly competes.  Ken has put his case into an email addressed to all Councillors and the local media.  He starts by saying: “Cobourg is rich in entertainment and cultural offerings. This weekend 3/27 to 3/31/2019,  many mainstays of our cultural landscape present first rate entertainment”. Then he lists the seven competing events and the Town’s competing event –… Read complete articleKen Prue wants Ban on Town competing on Entertainment

First Public Meeting on Cultural Plan

About 80 people came to the CCC for the “Launch Event” for the Cultural Plan being conducted by Consultant MDB Insight.  After a good natured introduction by Councillor Adam Bureau, MDB Insight’s Executive VP Lauren Miller gave a 20 minute summary of what the Cultural Plan is and what it hopes to achieve.  The current status is that 1) a Background report has been issued (see Links below) which identified over 400 cultural assets; 2) Cultural Mapping has been done and 3) Telephone and online surveys have been completed.  In the second part of the meeting, citizens were asked to give feedback on what they wanted.  They did this in workshop style and a representative from each of the 12… Read complete articleFirst Public Meeting on Cultural Plan

Community Grants Approved

At the 2019 Town of Cobourg Budget approval meeting tonight, a number of key decisions were made, including who would get Community Grants.  The budget initially suggested was $45,000 but with a total of more than $77,000 requested, that meant there would be some disappointments.  Each grant was subject to an individual motion and this task fell upon Councillor Adam Bureau.  Most of his recommendations were routinely approved although many got less than they asked for.  There was a long discussion about the Santa Parade – the initial recommendation to give to the committee was $3,000 compared to their requested $10,000.  But Mayor John Henderson convinced everyone to up that to $5,000.  Paul Pagnuelo (from the gallery using an allowed… Read complete articleCommunity Grants Approved

Lions not funding 2019 Santa Parade

According to Andrew Hall who is on Cobourg’s Santa Parade organizing committee, he is not aware of any funding from the Lions club for this year’s Santa Parade.  This is a change from previous years and is why the committee is asking for a $10,000 community grant.  Andrew explained this in a presentation to Council at Monday’s meeting.  The organizing committee consists of all volunteers and gets a regular contribution of $3500 from the DBIA but with no contribution from Lions and only a few hundred dollars from sponsors, they will not be able to cover their usual costs of $9 to $10K.  The budget for 2019 with the grant and DBIA’s $3500 would be higher than previous years but… Read complete articleLions not funding 2019 Santa Parade

Les AMIS to make Cobourg a Beacon for the High Arts

In 2014, after “35 Terrific years in Toronto”, classical composer and artistic director Michael Pepa moved to Cobourg bringing his concerts with top performers with him.  Since then he has produced a number of concerts with some of Canada’s top violinists, cellists and pianists.  Initially planned to be in St Peter’s Church, the Concerts moved to the Loft when repairs were required for St Peter’s roof.  So far, one concert has been in Victoria Hall but the word is getting out and the Loft may not be big enough to stage future concerts so more may be coming to Victoria Hall.  The concerts are called Les AMIS concerts and their program plus more about them can be found on the… Read complete articleLes AMIS to make Cobourg a Beacon for the High Arts

Community Grant Requests

Although there won’t be a decision until March 14, community groups were given the opportunity to present their case to Council on Tuesday at a 5:00 pm public meeting.  Thirteen groups took advantage of that and made their case.  There are others who applied last October who did not make a presentation – Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin commented that the total “asks” amounted to $76,000 and given the goal of an increase of about 2% on last year’s awards of $43,000, council would be saying no to a number of the applicants.  The time allocated was an hour but with up to 10 minutes that each were allowed, the presentations over-flowed into the 6:00 pm Committee of the Whole meeting… Read complete articleCommunity Grant Requests

Poutine Festival Coming to Cobourg

Not too long ago, Labour Day weekend was when the Shelter Valley Folk Festival happened but with its shutdown, there is no major event scheduled for that weekend.  So it was an obvious time to stage a Poutine Feast.  At the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, Council approved an application by Poutine Feast Ontario Inc. to hold their event in Victoria Park on that weekend.  It will involve ten to fifteen vendors with their food-trucks “each of them offering their own version of the iconic dish”.  Dessert trucks, a kid’s zone and entertainment will also be a part of the offerings.  It’s not licensed and will be free to enter – that presumably means no fence.  It will… Read complete articlePoutine Festival Coming to Cobourg

Water Park may not happen

Because of a motion put by Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin, the installation of a Water Park on Cobourg’s Beach was raised at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.  Although Council agreed last year to approve the idea, installation did not happen last year and no contract has yet been signed.  Jason Pulchinski, President of ATL (At the Lake), the distributor of the equipment, made a presentation to Council and triggered a good debate on the subject.  He explained that last year they had tried to partner with the YMCA to provide lifeguards but that did not work out.  They did manage to hire 5 but they needed 10 so that 4 could be on duty at all times.  It was… Read complete articleWater Park may not happen