Lots of Historical Entertainment

Starting September 21 and continuing to November 11, Cobourg will be treated to entertainment based on the anniversaries of two events: the end of World War 1 and the birth of Cobourg’s star comedienne Marie Dressler.  The events billed as Armistice 18 commemorate the 100th anniversary of the WWI Armistice and consist of a musical Gala, two plays, a play reading, three speakers and a special exhibit at the Art Gallery of Northumberland (AGN).  Not all the original plans came to fruition but most have (see link below).  Around the same time, Marie Dressler Foundation is celebrating Marie’s 150th birthday with speakers, a gala dinner, a public birthday celebration and an exhibit at the Art Gallery.  Chair Rick Miller has… Read complete articleLots of Historical Entertainment

Criterium Racing in Cobourg – 11 August 2018

The weather was perfect for the first Criterium Gran Prix to be held in Cobourg.  Most races were 40km around the 1.2km course so there were 33 laps.  Each race took around an hour so the bicycles were doing an average of 40km/hr so as well as speed and skill in cornering, endurance was also tested.  Most races had contestants in several categories – for example, the first race had two categories: Elite (Senior) 4 Men and Master 3 Men (the number indicates skill level with 1 being highest). There were few spectators for the first race but there were more at later ones.  I saw only one spill (see photo below) but no injuries.  Although residents on Albert were… Read complete articleCriterium Racing in Cobourg – 11 August 2018

Criterium Race Downtown on Saturday

The Gran Prix Bicycle race is a first for Cobourg and is billed as “one of the most exciting spectator events this town has ever seen.”  Organizers have worked hard to ensure that all the details are covered, and risks are minimized, especially due to the road closures.  The 1.2 km race course (see map below) is East on King St. to Third, South on Third to Albert, West on Albert to Bagot, North on Bagot to King and East on King to the start/finish line. Each race involves a minimum of 33 laps at high speed.  Residents living on the course would be wise to move their cars south of Albert to facilitate access to the town throughout the… Read complete articleCriterium Race Downtown on Saturday

Sandcastle Festival 2018

There must be a lot of people without air-conditioning or maybe Cobourg’s Beach simply draws big crowds.  I checked it out today and although there were thousands on the beach, I didn’t see any signs directing people to the Sidewalk sale – but then there were so many people a sign would get lost.  It was perfect beach weather – hot and humid; lots of people spent time in the water and although there were quite a number of “master sculptors”, there didn’t seem to be many amateurs. Parking was scarce (and/or expensive) so many had a long walk and just maybe they went via downtown.   There was a DJ blasting music from a spot on the boardwalk and when… Read complete articleSandcastle Festival 2018

Sidewalk Sale – 2018

With the weather heating up now that we are heading into August, on Thursday most of the downtown merchants in Cobourg put their wares out on the sidewalk – well really on the road – and invited customers.  It is an annual 4 day event with Saturday being the big day with a Sandcastle Festival but I checked it out on a quieter day – today, Friday.  Although the forecast said it might rain, merchants had their stuff out in the open – they would  be busy protecting them if it actually rained although some did have canopies.  As well as shoes, clothes and DVDs, there was also furniture, paintings, jewelry and more.  There were also some booths unrelated to… Read complete articleSidewalk Sale – 2018

First Annual Firebird Bandit Run in Cobourg

The National Firebird club had its first Annual Bandit Run and Show in Cobourg – the cars entered came from as far away as Kingston, Newfoundland, Sudbury, Windsor and Niagara.  And why Cobourg?  Probably because Club Founder & Canadian National President Murray R. McMillan lives here (or nearby).  You also have to believe Victoria Park is a great venue. There were about 43 cars entered; probably more would have shown up if the weather was better. Although it rained for the run to Rhino’s in Bewdley, it was clear for the show in the afternoon. Cars were judged based on being most original and most detailed and while they were waiting for the result and a trophy, a large number of… Read complete articleFirst Annual Firebird Bandit Run in Cobourg

Cobourg Saxons Beach Rugby Festival

Despite the rain, the kids seemed to be having a good time on the East End of Cobourg’s beach today.  The Cobourg Saxons Rugby club staged a series of games for young rugby fans.  It was not publicized so the general public would not have been aware but then, it’s not really for spectators – its’ more a parents event.  However, watching little kids run around after the ball can be entertaining.  Below are a couple of photos and a video.  As usual, click the photos to enlarge.    Print Article:   

Sandcastle Festival upgraded this year

Cobourg’s Sandcastle festival on the Saturday of the August long weekend (the 4th) will be more fun this year – there will be a live DJ (the DJ is live, not the music), free live entertainment by Mark Sepic the “Nutty Music Professor”, a Kid’s zone, an inflatable Fun Park (for $5) and of course a Sandcastle competition and Sand Sculpting Lessons.  The Schedule of events is being made available in advance (see below) and the event runs at the same time as the Downtown Sidewalk Sale so once again Cobourg should get a lot of visitors. There’s a kids movie in Victoria Park at sunset (Sherlock Gnomes) so overall it seems to be aimed at families although the Sidewalk… Read complete articleSandcastle Festival upgraded this year