Murdoch Mysteries Filming back in Town

On Monday this week, there were a whole lot of trucks and a pile of people in Town working on the filming for Murdoch Mysteries. There were two filming locations: the West Beach and Third Street adjacent to Victoria Hall.  The parking lot on Second Street was reserved for the filming team, Third Street was closed from King to Albert and the West Beach Boardwalk was “closed”. Residents were in fact allowed to go on the boardwalk but would be asked to wait and not intrude during actual filming.  Photos below give an idea of the activity.  Hopefully some of the businesses in Town benefited,  e.g. the restaurants.  West Beach filming featured a horse, an old car and a temporary… Read complete articleMurdoch Mysteries Filming back in Town

Cobourg Alive for Lights-on

Cobourg kicked off the Christmas season on Friday by turning on 130,000 lights in Rotary Park and along the waterfront. Afterwards, there was a party on King Street with live music, vendors and Santa. Starting at 6:30 with a ceremony in front of Victoria Hall, a large crowd then moved to the waterfront and with a countdown, the lights were turned on at 7:00pm. To the surprise of many (including me), there was a short fireworks display to mark the occasion. Soon after there was a live band on King Street, horse drawn wagon rides through the display and a few vendors on Second Street – although they were not there earlier. See the photos below. The DBIA also produced… Read complete articleCobourg Alive for Lights-on

Santa Parade – 2017

The forecast said rain or snow as well as cold and windy. They got it half right – the temperature was about 2 degrees and it was quite windy but there was no rain or snow. It didn’t stop the families coming out – there were lots of them lining the street. It seemed to me that the Parade was shorter this year although there were a good number of floats and bands. It is staged each year by the Lions club and it was almost cancelled but fortunately the Town is nominally managing the event so sponsors can get a tax receipt. The DBIA also helped so hopefully they got more business on King street today. The video below… Read complete articleSanta Parade – 2017

CCI assisting with Christmas Magic

On Friday November 24, Cobourg’s Christmas lights will be turned on. The ceremony starts outside Victoria Hall at 6:30 and proceeds down Second Street to the waterfront where there will be a ceremonial switching on of the lights at 7:00 p.m.  Included in the display will be wood cutouts of bears, deer, beaver and a moose.  These were created by students in the CCI woodworking class led by Shawn Davis and they were shown to the media and Cobourg Council today.  In addition to the cutouts, the school is also providing a large mural announcing “Cobourg Downtown”. This will be erected on Second Street – exact location not yet decided. Along with teacher Shawn Davis, CCI Principal Jeff Kawzenuk proudly… Read complete articleCCI assisting with Christmas Magic

Big Birthday Celebration for Marie Dressler

November 9th is Marie Dressler’s 149th birthday so the Dressler Foundation put on a big celebration for her.  In 1931, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Min and Bill and in 1932 and 1933 she was the highest grossing actor in the world.  Last year, the Foundation completed the renovation – or rather the complete rebuild of the museum at Dressler House – see links below.  But today, the celebration featured a professionally made documentary of how the community came together to build the museum, free Marie Dressler Butter Tarts (and coffee) and then followed this with a screening of one of Marie Dressler’s earliest movies, “Tillie Wakes Up“, made in 1917.  (The Butter… Read complete articleBig Birthday Celebration for Marie Dressler

Heritage, Culture and Tourism

Prof Robert Shipley spoke today to an audience of about 50 people on why Canada is not a young country and that our heritage goes back thousands of years.  His talk in the Concert Hall at Victoria Hall was illuminating and full of interesting facts but was not as promoted.  It did not touch on tourism, culture or the economic benefits of Heritage.  Although intended to promote an interest in Heritage, the audience seemed to be mostly people already interested in history and/or heritage.  However, independent of the purpose, it was certainly of interest to many Canadians so below is a synopsis of his talk plus some comments on the connection between heritage and culture. Introduction The Chair of the… Read complete articleHeritage, Culture and Tourism