A Busy Day in Victoria Park and on the Beach

Probably not a record, but a lot was happening on Sunday.  On a perfect summer day, Cobourg’s Victoria Park was host to the 25th Anniversary Lakeside Antique and Classic Car Show organized by the Great Pine Ridge Region of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada.  There were around 200 cars ranging in vintage from the early 1900’s to the 1990’s.  On the beach, as well as regular beach goers and sun-lovers, there was competitive beach volleyball staged by the Ontario Volleyball Association.  Despite the large number of competitors and onlookers, there was plenty of room for others.  The high lake water levels were not a problem although some may have stayed away fearing a problem.  The third event… Read complete articleA Busy Day in Victoria Park and on the Beach

Piping at Sunset Continues into Fourth year

The Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drum Band are continuing their tradition of piping the sun down.  Once again this year in July and August, a lone piper will be piping at sunset on the East pier on Thursdays through Sunday.  They avoid Tuesdays and Wednesdays when there are concerts in the nearby Victoria Park.   The video below shows highlights of piper Ross McKie’s performance tonight from about 8:35 pm to around 9:00 pm when the sun went down although clouds covered it so Ross relied on the scheduled time and the fact that it was getting dark.  As the days progress, the time of sunset will be earlier.  Although there were few people watching, those that were there seemed to… Read complete articlePiping at Sunset Continues into Fourth year

Council Decides on East Pier Consultation Process

The debate on what to do with the East Pier continued at the Regular Council meeting on July 2.  There were two sides to the debate.  Councillor Brian Darling backed by Councillor Nicole Beatty wanted to have some Engineering done first so citizens could have more details of what was proposed but Councillor Emily Chorley backed by Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin wanted to hold a public meeting before any money was spent on Engineering which might be going down a path that was not wanted.  As Emily explained it, there should first be a narrowing of options.  Separately, the Town will be implementing a web site using Bang the Table software which will be a way for citizens to comment on… Read complete articleCouncil Decides on East Pier Consultation Process

Canada Day: Cobourg – 2019

Summer finally arrived for a perfect day to end the Waterfront Festival and celebrate Canada Day in Cobourg.  The Parade was short but sweet – it moved steadily without delays and, this year, seemed to be a showcase for our diversity – the Hispanic group seemed to be especially enjoying themselves and it was contagious.   I don’t have any way to verify it but it seemed to me that more spectators of the Parade were wearing red – yes I know that’s expected but it was more noticeable this year.  With the world’s troubles, are we happier than ever to be Canadian?  The parade finished at Victoria Park where the Waterfront Festival was in full swing.  Entry to the Lions… Read complete articleCanada Day: Cobourg – 2019

East Pier and Campground report

At the Committee of the Whole Council meeting on June 24, Director of Community Services Dean Hustwick asked council to hire the Waterfront Plan consultants thinc design “to conduct public engagement on design options for the East Pier and Campground”.  That is, to do some preliminary design and ask the public what they would like.  But Councillor Emily Chorley said that there should be a public meeting in September 2019 which would narrow the options before any money was spent on designs.  Emily moved that this should be done with results presented to Council no later than November 4, 2019 and the work could be included in the 2020 budget.  Detailed designs would then follow.  Her motion was deferred to… Read complete articleEast Pier and Campground report

Cobourg Council Responds to Lake Level Flooding

The gallery at Cobourg Council was standing room only when Sarah Delicate of United Shoreline made her presentation to Council at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.  Sarah gave an excellent summary of the situation with the flooding on Lake Ontario where new rules for controlling lake levels have been put in place per the new Plan 2014. Introduced in 2017, this replaces Plan 1958DD which was in place from the 1950’s to 2016.   The key difference is that Lake Levels are now allowed to vary much more widely with a high level 30 cm (one foot) higher than previously.  Her full presentation is available at the link below but I will provide a summary.  MPP David Piccini was also… Read complete articleCobourg Council Responds to Lake Level Flooding

Mock Emergency Exercise at Waterfront

On Saturday June 21, emergency services (Fire, Police and more) participated in an exercise to help prepare emergency responders on what to do. The intent was to simulate what might have to be done for an emergency on “one of the Town of Cobourg’s larger festival weekends, specifically the Canada Day long weekend, when the waterfront and downtown area typically play host to upwards of 40,000 people.“  A “missing child” emergency was simulated as well as a “mass casualty event” – a boat full of people in trouble out in the Lake.  I saw participation by lifeguards, the Cobourg Fire Department, the Trent Hills Fire Department, the Civil Air Rescue group from Niagara, an Ambulance, the OPP water Police and… Read complete articleMock Emergency Exercise at Waterfront

Cobourg Lakefront Properties being Damaged by Floods

Cobourg residents with properties fronting onto Lake Ontario are asking for the Town’s help with sandbags. Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin and Director of Works Laurie Wills have responded but so far the only help offered is “Unfortunately all we can do is provide the materials but not the labour.”  The official numbers for lake levels show that the lake level is at higher levels than in 2017 and has peaked – although it has not yet dropped.  The problem is that with high winds, the shoreline is getting damaged.  Some property owners are losing land and flooding is occurring at the Marina and along the West beach boardwalk.  Average levels only tell part of the story – winds cause levels… Read complete articleCobourg Lakefront Properties being Damaged by Floods