Dartmouth III Visits Cobourg

Not many large boats or small ships visit Cobourg so the visit of Dartmouth III was newsworthy.  Late on November 11, the ferry dropped in for an overnight stay in Cobourg on its trek from Nova Scotia to Toronto.   Built in 1979, she was a ferry from Halifax to Dartmouth until recently but was then bought for $100,000 then refitted for $500,000 and will be put in service by the Toronto Island Transit Service to increase capacity on the Toronto-Centre Island run.  With a capacity for up to 390 people, the ship is relatively large with a gross tonnage of 256 and a draft of 6 feet.  It’s 79 feet long with a 32 foot beam (width) and a top… Read complete articleDartmouth III Visits Cobourg

Further Calls to Slow Traffic on the Esplanade

In August, a letter from Condo Corp #50 at 165 Division Street was presented to Council asking for action on a traffic problem on the Esplanade near the corner of Division as well as problems just north of there on Division.  The Council referred the letter and the problem to staff for a report and it remains on the Agenda of each meeting as unfinished business.  At the next council meeting, another letter on the subject will be presented to Council – this time from the condos at the other end of the Esplanade.   Linda Cardie, President of the board of Condo #58 says she agrees with Jon Tondeur from Condo #50 and supports their recommendations but also wants pedestrian… Read complete articleFurther Calls to Slow Traffic on the Esplanade

Should Langevin Pier be renamed Susanna Moodie Pier?

In response to the call to rename the West Headland from its official name of Langevin pier to something else, Wally Keeler has written to Council suggesting that the area be known as Susanna Moodie Pier.  The idea has been received favourably by many residents and acknowledged by Deputy Mayor John Henderson.  Wally notes that “Susanna Moodie stepped off the boat onto Cobourg pier in 1832” and that she wrote about life in the Canadian Bush.  He suggests that “The foliage of the pier should replicate as best possible the foliage that flourished at the time of her arrival.” Judging from comments made during the current Waterfront study, a big majority of residents would agree to keeping the West Headland… Read complete articleShould Langevin Pier be renamed Susanna Moodie Pier?

Should Cobourg’s Langevin Pier be renamed?

Most people would not know that Cobourg’s West Headland has the official name of Langevin Pier but in the late 1800’s, when the western headland was built, it was called a “pier” and named the Langevin Pier.  This was of course named after Sir Hector Langevin who was a Father of Confederation, and a minister of Public Works at the time.  But unfortunately, he was also a man of his times and was a chief architect of Canada’s residential school system, which aimed to “eliminate aboriginal people as distinct peoples and to assimilate them into the Canadian mainstream against their will.” He specifically argued in favour of removing children from their parents and family in order to speed assimilation.  That… Read complete articleShould Cobourg’s Langevin Pier be renamed?