First look at Waterfront Study Report

A draft copy of the long-awaited waterfront study is now available on the Town’s web site (see link below).  It was presented to the Parks and Recreation Committee on Wednesday, 16 May and will be a draft until accepted by Council (expected June 4) but no significant changes are expected.  It’s a very large document in two parts with 410 pages.  It recommends spending an estimated $27M over 24 years.  There are 83 “initiatives” grouped into 24 projects – these cover everything from the Harbour to Victoria Park to Parking.  The controversial subjects of the Trailer Park, Marina expansion and East Pier enhancements are NOT avoided and are included in recommended actions. This is a major project for Director Dean… Read complete articleFirst look at Waterfront Study Report

Opinion: An Idea for Cobourg

It was in my younger days, oh, in the late 1960s, when I first became acquainted with Cobourg’s harbour. Living in Mississauga, I was going through an adventuresome phase, owning a boat that variously took me around Lake Ontario, into the St. Lawrence river, the Thousand Islands and, heading back home on one occasion, an unscheduled stop in Cobourg’s harbour. Well, at least it was a place where one could tie-up alongside a dilapidated dock surrounded by messy piles of coal and garbage. Fast forward 50 years to the beautiful harbour of today with great facilities and its backdrop of the town of Cobourg, a welcoming sight for out-of-town boaters. Except – except one hopes the out-of-towners (and local boaters)… Read complete articleOpinion: An Idea for Cobourg

Cobourg’s West Beach

When the report on the Waterfront eventually gets released, it will no doubt include something about Cobourg’s natural West Beach.  Let’s hope it recommends that it’s mostly left alone.  Popular with residents and little known by visitors, it has recently had three benches added to the boardwalk.  For several years, the Cobourg Beach Society was a volunteer organization that tried to get some action on extending the boardwalk the full length of the beach (all the way to Cobourg Creek) but two years ago it folded.  It did have some left-over funds and it worked with the Town to use those to pay for building the benches.  The Town used its own staff and wood salvaged from trees that had… Read complete articleCobourg’s West Beach

Water Park approved in close vote

Because the streaming of the previous Committee of the Whole meeting was missing the sound (this was blamed on You-Tube), Mayor Gil Brocanier asked Director of Recreation and Culture Dean Hustwick to repeat the rationale for the proposed Water Park.  Dean did so and I have summarized his long response below.  Each Councillor then spoke on whether they were supportive of the proposal or not and then voted.  Seeing that it was contentious, Forrest Rowden asked for a recorded vote and the result was four in favour and three opposed so the motion was carried and the contract with ATL Distributing will proceed.  The Water park is expected to be operating for this summer with a start date of June… Read complete articleWater Park approved in close vote

East Pier closed for Vehicles and Events

It seems that the high water levels last year caused damage to the East Pier but confirmation will require a “condition assessment” conducted by an Engineer.  The result of that will be a report “indicating what repairs, if any, are required and an estimate of their associated costs.”  The inspection is expected to be done in the Spring but meanwhile, in the interest of safety, the Town has closed the pier to “community events and vehicular access until further notice”.  Pedestrians will still be permitted but not vehicles. Further, Deputy Director of Public Works Laurie Wills asks that “all planning of community events moving forward go under the assumption that the East Pier will not be available.”  That includes the Waterfront… Read complete articleEast Pier closed for Vehicles and Events

Dartmouth III Visits Cobourg

Not many large boats or small ships visit Cobourg so the visit of Dartmouth III was newsworthy.  Late on November 11, the ferry dropped in for an overnight stay in Cobourg on its trek from Nova Scotia to Toronto.   Built in 1979, she was a ferry from Halifax to Dartmouth until recently but was then bought for $100,000 then refitted for $500,000 and will be put in service by the Toronto Island Transit Service to increase capacity on the Toronto-Centre Island run.  With a capacity for up to 390 people, the ship is relatively large with a gross tonnage of 256 and a draft of 6 feet.  It’s 79 feet long with a 32 foot beam (width) and a top… Read complete articleDartmouth III Visits Cobourg

Further Calls to Slow Traffic on the Esplanade

In August, a letter from Condo Corp #50 at 165 Division Street was presented to Council asking for action on a traffic problem on the Esplanade near the corner of Division as well as problems just north of there on Division.  The Council referred the letter and the problem to staff for a report and it remains on the Agenda of each meeting as unfinished business.  At the next council meeting, another letter on the subject will be presented to Council – this time from the condos at the other end of the Esplanade.   Linda Cardie, President of the board of Condo #58 says she agrees with Jon Tondeur from Condo #50 and supports their recommendations but also wants pedestrian… Read complete articleFurther Calls to Slow Traffic on the Esplanade