Has Lake Level Peaked?

The May 2-4 weekend is when many think that the warm weather is here and it’s time to visit the beach – and Sunday was sunny although not quite beach weather.  But Cobourg’s beach was not quite ready – the water level is close to record highs and the beach still has puddles and mounds of sand from dredging.  Although dredging appears to be finished, the beach still needs to be groomed with a grader.  The water level is about 3.5 inches below the record set in 2017 but the beach sand seems to be higher – presumably by the dredging – so it’s not as bad.  In 2017, the fueling dock was covered in water but it is not… Read complete articleHas Lake Level Peaked?

High Lake Levels at Cobourg

There were record water levels on Lake Ontario in 2017 with extensive flooding on lake fronts.  This has understandably caused many people to be nervous that it might happen again so when levels get higher than average, anxiety increases.  Lately, water levels are higher than normal but as yet not near the record levels of 2017.  According to the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA), as of May 1st, “Lake Ontario is rising at a rate of 2 to 3 cm per day and its current level (6pm May 1) is 75.38 m above sea level, which is 40 cm above normal. Rising water levels are expected to continue for at least the next week until downstream water levels subside at… Read complete articleHigh Lake Levels at Cobourg

Another Amendment to Strategic Plan?

Cobourg’s Strategic Plan has had an unusual amount of input from the public and has had significant changes after it was supposedly complete.  At the Committee of the Whole Council meeting on April 23, a number of changes were made, notably to kill the idea that there might be boat slips added into the West Harbour.  This idea is of course part of the Waterfront master plan which has a number of other ideas for the Waterfront.  At Monday’s regular Council meeting (April 29), when the strategic plan (with amendments) came up for final approval, Councillor Brian Darling moved an amendment wanting to loosen the restriction on use of the West Harbour.  There was a good discussion before there was… Read complete articleAnother Amendment to Strategic Plan?

Marina Boat Lift In

Every year at about this time, boat owners get their boats moved from storage and lifted in to the harbour.  The operation is jointly organized by the Cobourg Yacht Club and the Town’s Marina staff and the cost is paid by boat owners.  It involves a truck which moves masts and boats out of storage then a crane to lift boats into the water (see the video below).  This year, the operation spread over two days (Friday and Saturday) with Third Street, the Esplanade and the bottom of Division Street closed.  Masts from many boats were temporarily stored on the Esplanade grass – the crane was scheduled to help re-install them once all the boats were in the water. Over… Read complete articleMarina Boat Lift In

Budget Approved for 2019

After a  long meeting, Council approved the budget for 2019 with an increase in overall spending of 4%. But because of growth in the Town (more properties paying taxes), the increase in your taxes will be 2%.  So if your property had an MPAC valuation increase the same as the average for the Town, the Town’s portion of your taxes will increase by 2% from last year.  But in the process of managing the budget, Councillors made some decisions – or maybe they were more like statements – about priorities and direction.  Some issues were covered under the heading Community Grants as reported yesterday (e.g. AGN, Santa Parade) but also discussed were IT (Information Technology) planning, Accessible Transit, Affordable Housing,… Read complete articleBudget Approved for 2019

Willow Beach Field Naturalists Lobby Council

There has been a lot of discussion about a possible boat travel lift for Cobourg boats.  Most of the discussion has been about the need for it for economic reasons versus who should pay (see links below).  There is also concern that it’s related to additional boat slips on the West side of the Centre Pier.  But in a letter to Councillors, the Willow Beach Field Naturalists (WBFN) raise another issue.  To gain entry to the harbour, a ramp is proposed west of the current boat launch which would reduce the size of the small beach there which the WBFN says is “the main gathering area for the impressive number and diversity of waterfowl and gulls for which our harbour… Read complete articleWillow Beach Field Naturalists Lobby Council

Water Park voted down

At the end of a long council session that went until well after 10:00 pm last night, Council had a long debate on whether there was too big a risk in NOT proceeding with the Water Park which might result in getting sued versus continuing with what some councillors saw as a project that was not popular with citizens.  The vote was close at 4-3.  This may need to be confirmed at the regular council meeting next week but the decision was quite clear.  The reason that the Council meeting was long was because there were a large number of delegations – these will be the subject of a future post or two.  One of the delegations was by John… Read complete articleWater Park voted down

Water Park Decision to be made

At the last Committee of the Whole (C.O.W.) meeting on January 28, it was apparent that some councillors want to withdraw approval for the Water Park on Cobourg’s East Beach.  A motion was made by Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin and then passed by Council that asked for a staff report on financial implications, safety concerns and legal impacts.  At the next C.O.W. meeting on February 19, Director of Community Services Dean Hustwick will provide his 40 page report (plus appendices) which I will try to summarize – although it’s still long!  Dean’s report refers to the various Master plans, discusses public support, reviews the consequences of changing the previous Council’s decision, provides the sequence of events leading to the decision,… Read complete articleWater Park Decision to be made