County Budget for 2018

At the County Council meeting today (Wednesday December 13), Hamilton Township Mayor Mark Lovshin was elected as the new Warden since Mark Walas has completed his term. This is Mark Lovshin’s second term in this position. A major item for Mark and his council will be approval of the budget for 2018. There are two major differences between the County budget and the budget for the Town of Cobourg: 1) The budget is presented to Council before the start of the year instead of late January and 2) there was only one “open house” and that was to discuss budget processes with taxpayers (11 residents came to it). Budget details (numbers) were not discussed although they are made available online after… Read complete articleCounty Budget for 2018

Last Council meeting of 2017

The last Council meeting of 2017 had no major decisions; we did not see the long-awaited waterfront study, the YMCA merger with the CCC is still up in the air and there were no contentious decisions made.  All C.O.W. decisions were implemented without debate except as noted below. But there was a fuss made over Lorraine Brace on the occasion of her retirement as Town Clerk.  This month the Town service to be highlighted will be Lorraine’s responsibility, Legislative Services.  Lorraine spoke about that as the first Agenda item (see below).  Gil Brocanier then made an emotional speech about how he admired her professionalism, helpful attitude and warm smile and wished her a happy retirement.  Later, all the councillors echoed… Read complete articleLast Council meeting of 2017

DBIA Upbeat at AGM

The Board of Cobourg’s Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) reported to their members last night at their Annual General Meeting (AGM).  There were about a dozen members (downtown business owners) in the audience and although they had some concerns, it seemed that the DBIA is in better shape than a year ago.  The board was new at the start of 2017 (see link below to access list of members) and stable.  There were no resignations or criticism of board members. In fact, Council representative Deputy Mayor John Henderson said that the board was “Cobourg’s most improved committee” and that he had “never seen so much cooperation between the Town and the DBIA”.  Mayor Gil Brocanier, who was in the audience,… Read complete articleDBIA Upbeat at AGM

Benefit of Sport Tourism to Cobourg in 2017

At the last Committee of the Whole Meeting, Dean Hustwick, Director of Recreation and Culture reported on four major Sporting Events that were hosted in Cobourg and that provided Cobourg with significant economic benefits.  Dean said that the report is a collaborative effort involving several members of his team – both Community Services Manager Chris Elliott and Sports and Events Coordinator Ashley Haynes spoke on the subject.  Chris made it clear that he would continue to look for revenue opportunities and make sure they were then Marketed successfully.   Ashley said that the participants in the 2017 events were strongly encouraged to go out into the community and she knew that they did in fact visit the beach and restaurants –… Read complete articleBenefit of Sport Tourism to Cobourg in 2017

Ongoing Battle to get Parking on Kerr Street

Residents of a Townhouse condo development at the far west end of Kerr Street are unhappy with the Town and with their developer (see links below to earlier reports).  Their homes are on Kerr Street but they are not allowed to park in front because Kerr street is designated as a future major arterial road.  (They are allowed right now but will eventually be barred).  The developer designed their houses with a rear lane and rear garages with a second parking spot in the rear.  But because of a slope they were not told about, access from the garages requires stairs and therefore is not compatible with the limitations of many of the mostly older residents. The residents feel that… Read complete articleOngoing Battle to get Parking on Kerr Street

Cobourg Budget Performance to End of Q3

At the Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, Treasurer Ian Davey will present a report on spending in the first three quarters of 2017 compared to budget.  Council directed in a motion on May 29 that these reports be posted on the Town’s web site but they can only be found in the Town’s Portal, not the main web site.  Details on both the Operating Budget and the Capital Budget are provided – the operating budget is looking OK but very little of the Capital budget has been spent so far this year.  Below are highlights of both – note that the “Revenue” reported is not tax revenue but could be called “other revenue”. Operating Budget Summary –… Read complete articleCobourg Budget Performance to End of Q3