Housing Developments in Northeast of Cobourg

Two public meetings were held on June 25 to discuss adjacent housing developments in Cobourg’s North-East.  One was an update of a 1700 unit sub-division first proposed in 2004 then approved in 2009. Called the Villages of Central Park and located at the north end of Brook Road, it was last presented to Council three years ago (2016) – since then only minor details have changed (see link below).  The other is more immediate and is called the Nickerson Woods subdivision with 23 bungalows located between Nickerson Drive and Midtown creek.  This proposal drew comments from nearby residents who were concerned about their view of the forest and drainage issues.  In the subsequent Committee of the Whole council meeting, both proposals… Read complete articleHousing Developments in Northeast of Cobourg

Cobourg launches Start Here program

With the slogan “Cobourg has it all but welcomes more”, the Downtown Coalition launched its marketing campaign to sell the merits of opening a business Downtown.  Funded partly by the Province, it was initiated as part of the Downtown Vitalization Program and called the Business Attraction Marketing Plan (see link below).  Cooperating in the plan are the DBIA, the Town’s Economic Development Department and the Chamber of Commerce. The program includes a new website (www.startherecobourg.ca), many videos and a facelift for several stores using window wraps – starting with the empty “Sarby’s” opposite Victoria Hall.  There will also be a social media campaign. The announcement of the launch started today in the Old Bailey courtroom and moved to King street where… Read complete articleCobourg launches Start Here program

Sidewalk Priority Policy questioned

A year ago, the Town of Cobourg planned to build a sidewalk on Abbott Boulevard but the residents there objected and no new sidewalks were constructed in 2017.  To resolve the impasse, staff were instructed to create a policy which would rank the priorities of new sidewalks to be built.  A comprehensive policy using complex algorithms was approved by Council for this purpose on April 30 this year but it seems that the residents on Northwood Drive didn’t read the policy so did not notice that a sidewalk on their street was ranked number one (see links below).  On June 11, Council approved a motion to proceed to build the sidewalk on Northwood Drive (per the policy) so notifications were… Read complete articleSidewalk Priority Policy questioned

Town to Sell Parking Lot on Queen Street

Sounds dramatic but it looks like a good deal for everyone.  The developer who now owns the old run-down Curling building at 22 Queen Street wants to demolish that and build a 65 unit condo development that would also occupy the parking lot.  The development would have at least 155 underground parking spots which would include 64 publicly accessible “Green P” parking spaces to replace the current 64 spaces.  The building would be mixed commercial (6000 sq. ft.) and residential and the estimated value of project construction is $32M.  This requires that the Town sell the parking lot to the developer – and to include clauses to ensure that the deal is good for the Town and its citizens.  The… Read complete articleTown to Sell Parking Lot on Queen Street

Province contributes to King Street Vitalization

On Monday, Council will be asked to approve receiving a grant from the province for $54,843.19 under the “Ontario’s Main street Revitalization Initiative”.  The money would be used to help with the Vitalization project for King Street.  More details below but the largest amount would be to enhance the CIP project. One option being considered for that would be to direct significant funding to encourage Technology firms to locate in the Downtown core – they would be given an “incentive to lease 1st, 2nd and 3rd story buildings to high tech firms”. Smaller amounts would be provided for cosmetic projects – completion of the Victoria Hall exterior lighting project and extension of the downtown business attraction project ad campaign to… Read complete articleProvince contributes to King Street Vitalization

CTA Open House

The Cobourg Taxpayers Association had their Open House this afternoon in the Trinity United Church hall.  It was well attended with most if not all councillors in attendance as well as a couple of Candidates for Council and a good number of citizens  The CTA asked everyone to use green or red dots to agree (or not) with several hot questions.  The only one where Council seemed to agree with the CTA was on the subject of Council Pay which was partially resolved on Monday when Council reversed course and gave Councillors a significant raise.  Paul Pagnuelo of the CTA made the case for an increase at a delegation to Council and when Councillor Debra McCarthy made the case for… Read complete articleCTA Open House

Surprise Approval of Larger Council Salary Increase

At the May 14 Committee of the Whole (C.O.W.) meeting, Council approved the recommendations of the Ad Hoc committee that had been formed for that purpose.  At the same meeting, Paul Pagnuelo of the CTA said that councillors were grossly underpaid and should be paid a lot more.  In keeping with that, a clause was added to the Council motion that required a review in twelve months.  But when the motion came up for the usual rubber stamping at tonight’s Council meeting, Debra McCarthy said that she had second thoughts:  Why not approve a quarter of the increase immediately?  Specifically she moved an amendment that would increase Councillors’ and the Deputy Mayor’s pay by $5000 and the Mayor’s by $2500… Read complete articleSurprise Approval of Larger Council Salary Increase

Strategic Plan 2015-18 – CAO Report

In late 2014, shortly after the election of the new council, Council organized a public Strategic planning session to decide what should be done during their mandate. As that 2015 to 2018 term comes to a close, CAO Stephen Peacock has written a report on progress as of the end of 2017 and he presented it to Council at their C.O.W. meeting on March 14.  Most objectives have either been met or are well under way to completion. Stephen gave some details and labelled actions as “Completed”, “Underway” or “Outstanding”. Some of the actions planned for this term are now promised for the next although some will be completed during 2018 – notably the report on the Waterfront.  He promised it… Read complete articleStrategic Plan 2015-18 – CAO Report