Certo Building Demolition on Hold

On September 11, 2017,  the owner of the building on the old Kraft property at 520 William Street and known as the Certo building asked for permission to demolish it.  This was in response to an “Order to Remedy” issued by Cobourg’s Chief Building Official because of the poor state of the building.  The request came before Council and because of its Heritage value, it was referred to the Cobourg Heritage Advisory Committee.  They reviewed the request but felt that the building could perhaps be preserved so recommended two actions: 1. That the building be “designated” as a Heritage property and  2. That a Rehabilitation Plan be prepared.  This would give an accurate assessment of the feasibility and cost of… Read complete articleCerto Building Demolition on Hold

Cobourg 2018 Budget Requests

Today, Cobourg Staff presented to Council their requests for the 2018 capital budget and staffing increases.  The meeting lasted over 3 hours and included considerable detail but below are highlights.   The total Capital amount requested is significantly higher than the amount likely to be approved but as chair John Henderson remarked “There are no decisions in this meeting”.   The amounts are proposed and subject to further deliberation (see schedule of ongoing meetings below).  If you wish to see the complete meeting but missed it being streamed at 1:00pm, also below is the video of the full meeting.  There were a few surprises but no totally new projects although there were snippets of information to be gleaned from comments by staff… Read complete articleCobourg 2018 Budget Requests

New Soccer Pitch in James Cockburn Park

At the Council meeting on October 10, a tender award was approved to build a soccer pitch in James Cockburn Park.  In addition, there will be a pedestrian/cyclists trail and additional parking.  Although the memo from staff was a bit ambiguous on the subject, it stated that $159K of the cost comes from the Canada 150 Community infrastructure program and the rest from the Town.  The original intent was to not only build a full-sized pitch but also three small practice fields but tender bids were way over budget.  This was because the north-south slope meant significant earth works would be required.  Revisions to the scope resulted in total costs of $159K.  Some minor changes to sewer manhole covers in… Read complete articleNew Soccer Pitch in James Cockburn Park

Changes at Council Meetings

Prior to the next Council meeting on Tuesday October 10, there will be a special meeting to present to the public planned changes in Council Procedures.  Residents will be able to comment on the changes before the final bylaw is written then passed at a future Council meeting.  The proposed changes include moving the time of meetings from 7:00pm to 4:00pm, a provision for more closed door meetings, the definition of public meetings is simplified, a number of changes related to motions, changes to rules about delegations and more.  The changes would be effective January 1, 2018 and many are mandated by Provincial legislation.  Council was advised about the implications of the legislation in a memo on July 3rd and… Read complete articleChanges at Council Meetings

ACO looking at moving Certo Building

As reported on September 19, Council has been asked to approve demolition of the Certo building on the old Kraft property (see link below).  It is in bad shape and an engineer’s report said a rough estimate to bring it into shape would be $500,000.  The request is currently with staff for a report but at tonight’s Committee of the Whole Council meeting, Diane Chin, President of the Architectural Conservancy Ontario, Cobourg branch (ACO) asked that the permit be denied.  She said that there were only a few examples in Cobourg of heritage industrial buildings and this one should be preserved. One example of a preserved heritage industrial building is the Mill; another was the old matting factory on Tremaine… Read complete articleACO looking at moving Certo Building

Police Enforce Ban on Bicycles and Skateboards on Sidewalks

In February 2016, Cobourg passed a bylaw to ban bicycles and skateboards on sidewalks.  Unfortunately, there have been enough offenders lately that there have been complaints about it and that it was worse than usual – probably as kids went back to school.  Adam Bureau of the DBIA conveyed the concern of merchants to Police at a recent by-law review meeting.  The Police have now issued a press release warning offenders to stay off sidewalks and Deputy Chief Paul VandeGraaf said that today police are now looking for offenders and enforcing the bylaw. The Police Press Release gave the reasons for the concern: Pedestrians may be unaware of someone who is using a bicycle or skateboard, for a variety of… Read complete articlePolice Enforce Ban on Bicycles and Skateboards on Sidewalks