Art in Victoria Hall

At the next Committee of the Whole meeting, Council will be asked to approve a Policy for Public Art in Victoria Hall.  Intended for public areas only (not employee working areas), Council asked for the development of a policy when Marie Dressler Foundation Chair Rick Miller asked why a picture of Marie Dressler was removed from the Citizen’s Forum at the request of the Victoria Hall Volunteers (see link below).  It seemed there were two reasons for their objection: Marie was not connected with Victoria Hall and the Citizen’s Forum was their meeting room!  The implication is that the policy should restrict art to be related to Victoria Hall, especially in the Citizen’s Forum, but the new policy does not… Read complete articleArt in Victoria Hall

Asset Management Planning

All Ontario Municipalities must have an Asset Management Policy in place by July 1, 2019 and an Asset Management Plan for core municipal infrastructure assets by July 1, 2021 and for all assets by July 1, 2023.  Cobourg has had a basic Asset Management Plan for some time (using GIS) but it does not yet have a “policy” – this would spell out which assets are included, when to use it, how it aligns with financial planning, who is responsible for it and how residents can provide input to it.  At Council’s next Committee of the Whole meeting, Melanie Chatten, G.I.S. Coordinator of the Town of Cobourg, will provide an update on progress in improving the plan.  Previously, Cobourg’s Asset Management… Read complete articleAsset Management Planning

Visitor complains to Mayor about Parking Ticket

A recent visitor to Cobourg is unhappy that he received a parking ticket for overstaying at a meter on King Street.  He spent “over $100” at one of the two “nice men’s clothing stores” and admits staying about 10 minutes longer than he paid for but says that although Cobourg “depends on tourist dollars for a good part of their economy”, it’s not doing everything possible to encourage tourism.  He asks for 10 minutes grace.  He perhaps did not notice that meters on King Street already give 15 minutes more than the hour that a loonie pays for.  But when you think about it, that’s not a grace period – it’s just more time for your money.  A “grace period”… Read complete articleVisitor complains to Mayor about Parking Ticket

Report on Northam Industrial Park – 30 June 2018

Northam Industrial Park is managed by the Town as a separate entity and able to provide a dividend to the Town; this is like Holdco which is the holding company for the Electricity and Water Utilities.  In 2017, the Town was paid $241,000 from its investment in Northam.  In a report to be provided to Council at their Committee of the Whole meeting on September 4, there is no prediction of how much of the large profit will go to the Town.  The profit before amortization for 2018 is expected to be $2,700,000 but most is expected to be paid to reserves (already $1,000,000) as “suggested in the soon to be completed asset management report”.  A good part of the… Read complete articleReport on Northam Industrial Park – 30 June 2018

More CIP Grants and Loans Approved by Council

Surveys conducted as part of the Downtown Vitalization Study showed that citizens were critical of the state of repair and appearance of many Downtown buildings.  This is also no doubt one of the reasons that many of the apartments above stores remain unoccupied. To help address these issues, Council tonight approved the spending of $136,822 of the 2018 budget of $150,000 on Community Improvement Plan (C.I.P.) grants.  There were seven applications in the 2018 intake – of these, 6 were approved and one deferred pending completion of outstanding work.  Several of the applications indicated that they plan to make apartments available on the second and third floors of their properties.  Critics of Cobourg’s Downtown have said that the addition of… Read complete articleMore CIP Grants and Loans Approved by Council

Coverdale Park officially renamed Peter Delanty Park

In the fall of 2017, Council adopted a new Policy on how to name Streets, Parks and Facilities.  One of the criteria is that: the nominated individual shall have demonstrated excellence, courage or exceptional service to the citizens of the Town of Cobourg, the Province of Ontario, and/or Canada, including past Mayors and veterans of military conflicts.  Based on Peter Delanty’s service as Mayor from 2000 to 2010, and continued service in many of the Town’s committees, Peter fits the criterion and now has a Park named after him.  Gil said that he and Peter were on Council together and he can personally testify to Peter’s contribution to the Town. In his youth, Peter spent a lot of time at… Read complete articleCoverdale Park officially renamed Peter Delanty Park

Mid-summer Council meeting decisions

Cobourg Council has fewer meetings in summer and both the July 23 and August 13 meetings are double – that is, there are back to back Committee-of-the-Whole and Regular Council meetings on those dates. There were a number of miscellaneous issues decided at the July 23 Meetings: a decision on a suggested Pedestrian crossing on King Street, approval of budget to pave some roads, an exception to the noise bylaw to allow the 401 to be repaved, final approval to go ahead with the sale of the Queen Street Parking lot, modification to the “Lame Duck” delegation by-law, improvements to accessibility of Parking Meters and progress on Traffic issues around the bottom end of Division Street.  There were also other routine… Read complete articleMid-summer Council meeting decisions

Urban Forest Management Plan Released

In January 2017 the Town hired a Consultant, Kilgour & Associates Limited, to produce an Urban Forestry Master Plan for $34,980. Since then, the consultant has conducted a survey and has been working on specifying what it would take to achieve the specified goals. They have now released their Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) for public comment.  On 23 July 2018, they plan to make a presentation and submit it to Council. Public comments will be accepted up to 8 August  – see below for details. They would like approval from Council on 13 August. The goals of the plan were spelled out earlier – basically the idea is to provide a guide as to how trees on Public and Private… Read complete articleUrban Forest Management Plan Released