CIP for Affordable Housing in Cobourg

Cobourg’s first Community Improvement Plan (CIP) was created for downtown and has resulted in annual grants and loans to Downtown businesses wanting to spruce up their premises.  But if it works to allow subsidies for upgrading Downtown buildings why not create one to legalize subsidies for affordable housing?  At their Monday Council meeting, Council approved the award of a contract for the preparation of a Town-wide Affordable Housing CIP at a cost of $65,185.  In his supporting memo, Director Glen McGlashon said that “the CIP would provide a legal mechanism and various incentive tools authorized under Section 28 of the Planning Act to help stimulate the provision of affordable and rental housing in the community.”  In addition to being affordable… Read complete articleCIP for Affordable Housing in Cobourg

Councillor Pay Increases back on the Table

Last May, Council voted against a salary increase for themselves with a vote of 4 to 3 but last week,  Nicole Beatty gave a notice of Motion that the issue should be reconsidered.  So at last night’s regular Council meeting it was on the Agenda. To be considered, a two-thirds majority was needed which would be 5 of the 7 councillors but it so happened that Mayor John Henderson was late to arrive because he was “dropping the puck” at the Cougar’s opening game at the Cobourg Community Centre.  In his absence, two thirds was four of the six at the meeting and the motion to reconsider passed 4-2. (See voting details below).  Nicole Beatty originally voted against an increase… Read complete articleCouncillor Pay Increases back on the Table

New Hotel planned

Cobourg’s Planning department has received a re-zoning application to allow a hotel to be built at the end of DePalma Drive between Home Depot and Walmart.  The specific hotel brand has not been revealed but the company behind the application is DePalma Developments Limited which has been active in Cobourg for some time.  It’s just at the notification stage – there will be a public meeting called before too long and more details are expected then.  The proposed Hotel will “consist of 82 hotel suites, amenity space for hotel patrons including pool, fitness centre, meeting rooms, board room, meal space, and lobby area. Spaces for hotel staff office/administrative and maintenance will also be provided”.  Below is a Google Earth map… Read complete articleNew Hotel planned

Process to replace Cobourg’s CAO

When CAO Stephen Peacock went on medical leave, Ian Davey was named as Interim CAO but only for 6 months.  Human resources was then asked to report on the options to hire a replacement and that report was provided at Tuesday’s C.O.W. Council meeting.  Although Stephen is on “medical leave”, any replacement would be on an “extended interim basis” for 24 months.  This implies that Stephen is not expected to return to work for at least 2 years.  The options are pretty much what you’d expect for any recruitment to a senior position – Council is expected to “provide direction” to staff on which option to use, presumably before the 6 month period is up.  When asked, HR Officer Melissa… Read complete articleProcess to replace Cobourg’s CAO

Adam Bureau acts on Opioid crisis

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday September 3, Councillor Adam Bureau made a “Notice of Motion” – this means the motion will be considered at the next Council meeting.  The motion asks permission from Council to form a partnership and invite the Cobourg Police Service, the Cobourg Fire Department, Northumberland EMS and representatives from the county, MPP David Piccini and MP Kim Rudd.  They would then hold a round table discussion to come up with suggestions to combat the opioid crisis.  The choice of people is because “this group of people deals with this issue on an almost daily basis and would have first-hand knowledge on recommendations on how to eliminate opioids and other harmful and fatal… Read complete articleAdam Bureau acts on Opioid crisis

Lakefront Utilities Helps Out in Florida

With Hurricane Dorian expected to land on Florida’s east coast on Monday, local electric utilities are expecting damage to their infrastructure with many people losing their electricity service.  When Canada has a problem – usually from an ice storm in winter – American Utility companies often help out so now it’s our turn.  This morning (Friday) Cobourg’s Lakefront Utilities sent an electric line crew to Florida – no doubt wise to get there before moving around is difficult or impossible.  They will miss out on any “planned Labour Day family time to assist in whatever way they can for restoration of power.”  Every county in Florida is under a state of emergency as the state prepares for what may be… Read complete articleLakefront Utilities Helps Out in Florida

August 12 Council Meeting

Presumably to reduce summer workload for Councillors and Town Staff, in each of July and August, only one day is set aside to have council meetings.  So on August 12, there were two meetings back to back: a Committee of the Whole meeting and a Regular meeting.  As you might expect a good number of decisions were made – this News blog has already reported on some of these but there are more.  Already reported are 1) acceptance for review of the Coast Guard’s Site plan for a new building; 2) a decision to reimburse William Street brewery for over-charging by LUSI; 3) the publication of the Work Plan to accomplish the Strategic Plan (more on this below) and 4)… Read complete articleAugust 12 Council Meeting

Cobourg’s Bang the Table goes Online

Well, they have a better name for it but “Bang the Table” is the name of the software first mentioned by John Henderson in his election campaign a year ago.  It provides for an online forum so that citizens can “Have their Say”.  The idea is that citizens will participate in surveys, provide comments on projects and provide “stories” that they want to share.  There is now a new web site called and there are currently two “projects” up for comment: Waterfront Plan – Campground; Waterfront Plan – East Pier.  In addition, there is “Win a Google Home Mini” which is a competition to encourage people to register. You need to register to participate; if you want to comment… Read complete articleCobourg’s Bang the Table goes Online