Council Reviews Priorities

At a special Council Meeting on Thursday, April 1, Council looked at the Strategic Plan that was created at the start of their term in 2019 to see if it still reflected their priorities.  After more than 5 hours of discussion, they made only minor changes but a lot of details were revealed about each councillor’s thinking. The process was facilitated by session leader John Matheson (of StrategyCorp) who spent time with councillors in advance of the meeting to get their ideas.  As a result, the starting point was a chart showing priorities as he understood them – see below.  The comments of councillors in reviewing those priorities pointed to how each saw their role and what they hoped to… Read complete articleCouncil Reviews Priorities

On-Demand Transit Trial to Start

Last August Judy Smith made a presentation to Council suggesting that instead of using large buses on a fixed route that small buses should be used on a route that dynamically responds to actual passenger needs.  The idea of “Micro-Transit” or “On-Demand” was accepted by Council and money was approved in the 2021 budget. At Monday’s Committee of the Whole Meeting, Council approved paying the current transit operator – Century Transportation – to conduct a trial using current large buses. One feature is that instead of having two services – one regular and a “Wheels” service for passengers with disabilities – there would be one service for all. The trial will start April 19 using Century buses and Rideco Software… Read complete articleOn-Demand Transit Trial to Start

New Employer Coming to Lucas Point

A company called Audcomp is an IT company that also invests in Real Estate and they have offered to buy about 3 acres of land in Lucas Point Industrial Park at the north west corner of Dodge and Thompson Streets for $40,000 per acre.  Their offer was accepted by Cobourg Council at their C.O.W. meeting on Monday night, 29 March (subject to ratification at their regular Council meeting next week – Update:  It was ratified).   Audcomp plan to construct a building of approximately 8,000 ft2 to 14,000 ft2 to accommodate their tenant, Davey Tree of Canada who plan a National Distribution/Logistics Centre for their Canadian operations.   They are a US based company and plan more than 50 new local jobs… Read complete articleNew Employer Coming to Lucas Point

Progress with Queen Street Condo Development

In June 2018, Council agreed to sell the parking lot on the corner of Queen and McGill (opposite the Post office) to a developer.  One condition was that the developer include at least 64 parking spaces for public use which would replace those currently on the lot.  The development would also use the land of the adjacent old run-down curling building at 22 Queen Street.  At tonight’s Council meeting, Richard Tseng (with Virginia Lam) from EIE Corporation presented more details and asked for an amendment of zoning rules.  Given that it’s been almost three years, we could be forgiven for thinking that the project had died, but apparently not.  It will be impressive at 5 storeys with rooftop gardens.  At… Read complete articleProgress with Queen Street Condo Development

Beach Survey Results

From February 2 to February 23, Cobourg residents were asked what they thought about managing the visitors at the beach.  The survey was described in a Cobourg News Blog article on February 3 – see the link below – but now the results are available.  A tabulation of answers – including all of the comments by participants – is available in a 156 page “Public Engagement report”.  This will be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Committee in a meeting on March 9 and they will then make recommendations to council. The survey had 1408 respondents and is considered the Town’s “most responded to survey”.  Although the report is long and a good summary of the comments is impossible here,… Read complete articleBeach Survey Results

Two Councillors hold Zoom Town hall Meeting

Although about 50 registered to join the Zoom Town Hall by Councillors Nicole Beatty and Adam Bureau, there were at most 35 who were actually online. Several people complimented Nicole and Adam on organizing it and would like to have it be a regular occurrence. Most of the questions were not new and subscribers to this blog would already know most of the answers. The most popular subject raised by maybe 3 or 4 participants was the issue of affordable housing but other issues were also raised which indicates what people want to know even if there is little new information to know.  Some just wanted to vent and both Nicole and Adam were clear that they want to know what… Read complete articleTwo Councillors hold Zoom Town hall Meeting

Is Tourism good for Cobourg?

Not everyone agrees that Tourism is good for the Town and for its businesses and last Fall the Town decided to try and resolve this question.  With some Federal funding, consultant Laridae Communications Inc was hired to do this and their results will be presented in a report to Council at their Committee of the Whole meeting on March 8.  Kara Euale, Manager of the Marketing and Events Department in the Community Services division views the effort as a way to “evaluate our current marketing tactics”.  Staff are working on the premise that Tourists should be attracted although they see the report as a way to “measure the level of impact tourism has on our local economy”. The staff memo… Read complete articleIs Tourism good for Cobourg?

Council Meeting Report – Feb 22

There are two kinds of Council Meetings: Regular meetings and Committees of the Whole (C.O.W.) All by-laws are passed at regular meetings but most debates happen at a C.O.W. meeting.  As a result, the C.O.W.’s are more interesting although decisions are not final until ratified at a regular meeting.  In addition to ratifying decisions from a C.O.W. Meeting, regular meetings also include “Coordinator reports” where councillors provide news from their assigned responsibility.  There was no major news from the regular meeting on Monday 22 February but quite a number of interesting things were decided and discussed.  These ranged from a bit more information about the closing of Brookside, to information on the Beach survey to a vote on the Abbott… Read complete articleCouncil Meeting Report – Feb 22