Should a Natural Waterfront Park be created?

Richard Pope of the Willow Beach Field Naturalists (WBFN) did all the right things.  He convinced four Advisory Committees and the GRCA that a Natural Heritage Waterfront Park would be a good idea but his presentation to Council only got a lukewarm reception.  Despite a lot of information being provided in advance, the idea was deferred to February 2020 when Staff will provide a report.  The idea was made public in a Post based on Richard’s presentation to the Sustainability and Climate Change Advisory Committee (SCCAC) early October (see link below) and basically means that the West Harbour, the West Headland, the Ecology garden and the West beach would be declared a Natural Park with restrictions on what can be… Read complete articleShould a Natural Waterfront Park be created?

YMCA Pool – Part 2

In addition to the information provided in the agenda for the Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting tonight, more info was made available at the actual meeting.  Some of it was a surprise to Councillors and caused quite a discussion – so I am providing an unusual follow up to yesterday’s post.  Leslie Murray led the YMCA delegation but Mark Galonski from the YMCA board was helping.  As noted in the addendum to yesterday’s article, the Y is not planning to merge with the CCC since the joint YMCA/ Town committee decided against that.  In their presentation Leslie and Mark said that they wanted Town support in the form of $500,000 spread over 5 years starting in 2021 – but… Read complete articleYMCA Pool – Part 2

YMCA still wants Aquatic Centre at CCC

In 2016, consultants were hired and public meetings held to explore the feasibility of the YMCA moving to the Cobourg Community Centre (CCC) but in 2017 the idea was shelved because it was too expensive (cost perhaps $25M).  The YMCA centre and particularly its aquatic centre (pool) is reaching end of life and Leslie Murray of the YMCA will be presenting the case once again at Council’s Committee of the whole on Monday, November 4.  Leslie is General Manager – HFA (Health, Fitness and Aquatics) Operations & Community Development.  She quotes from a 2017 report by the consultants (link below) that documents the current situation, our demographics and public opinion.  The report recommends a merge of facilities – in particular… Read complete articleYMCA still wants Aquatic Centre at CCC

Sidewalk Priority Policy Finally Approved

After more than two years of debate, at Monday’s regular meeting on October 21, Council finally approved the latest sidewalk priority policy as submitted.  As Director Laurie Wills said “we were asked for a priority policy, not whether there should be sidewalks or not”.  A last minute delegation by local resident Kevin Burt asked that residents be consulted for input and provided some himself about Abbott Blvd.  But in response to a question by Councillor Emily Chorley, Director Laurie Wills defended her Policy and answered some of Kevin’s concerns.  When it came to a vote, Council approved the Policy as it stood with only Emily voting against.  That means Abbott Blvd will be first on the list to get constructed… Read complete articleSidewalk Priority Policy Finally Approved

Filming in Cobourg

With Murdoch Mysteries once again filming in Cobourg on October 30, and Netflix filming twice recently, citizens are asking “How does Cobourg win from all this?”  Most of the filming takes place in Cobourg’s historic downtown so it’s not surprising that the DBIA (Downtown Business Improvement Area) asked the same question.  At their September 5th Board meeting, the Town’s Marketing and Events Manager, Kara Euale, was asked to make a presentation on the subject and I thought others would be interested in what she had to say.  Cobourg has policies on the subject, requires approval from multiple departments and has fees that must be paid.  Basically, filming is encouraged because the Town believes it can “provide both direct and indirect… Read complete articleFilming in Cobourg

Council Decision on East Pier

The East Pier was closed to traffic a while back because of damage by high water and an engineering study was done.  At around the same time, the Waterfront plan was completed which recommended upgrades to the Pier and to the Campground.  Four options were proposed for the Pier which included both repairs and upgrades, and public comments on these were solicited.  In (another) marathon Council session on Tuesday (October 15), Council decided what to do.  They had to balance costs of possibly around $4M against preserving an asset well into the future.  To help with the decision, the Parks and Recreation Advisory committee made a recommendation to “implement Option 4 – a combination of pedestrian and light vehicle use… Read complete articleCouncil Decision on East Pier

Special Council Meeting on LUI loan payments

At a Council Committee of the Whole meeting on September 23, Ken Strauss represented the Cobourg Taxpayers Association (CTA) and criticized what he called Stealth taxes imposed by LUI (Lakeshore Utilities).  LUI is owned by Holdco which in turn is majority owned by the Town and pays both an annual dividend and interest on a loan to the Town set up in 2000. The loan is for $7M at 7.25% ($507K/year) and so far no payments have been made on the principal. Because of these payments by Holdco, Ken said that without them, electricity rates could be lower so in effect, the Town is taxing us via our LUI bills.  But the interest rate is higher than it need be (as set… Read complete articleSpecial Council Meeting on LUI loan payments

New Sidewalk Priority Plan

It all started in June 2017 with a Council decision to install a sidewalk on Abbott Boulevard.  But citizens there objected, so Council decided to ask staff to prepare a policy using agreed rules as to which sidewalks had priority. In April 2018, Laurie Wills created a complex plan based on rules and listed priorities for sidewalks for the next 20 years or so (see link below to Sidewalk Priority Plan).  This was then approved by Council but this meant that the sidewalk on Northwood drive was now number one and residents there suddenly realized what was happening.  On 25 June 2018 Donna Woods made a delegation to Council where she objected to the new plan.  Because of her objections,… Read complete articleNew Sidewalk Priority Plan