Surprise addition at All-Candidates Meeting

Local radio station Northumberland FM 89.7 organized an All Candidates meeting in Port Hope tonight.  There were five candidates scheduled to debate with the Libertarian Candidate opting not to campaign, but five minutes before the meeting started, a seventh candidate showed up and asked to participate.  Paul Cragg is a retired Medical Doctor and will be on the local ballot as the “Stop Climate Change party” candidate (more below).  The meeting was well organized and as you’d expect from a radio station, had excellent sound.  Retired lawyer John Hill was the moderator and asked questions provided by listeners to the station. Seventeen questions were asked with little overlap and included the hot issues of Hydro costs, the Green Energy Act,… Read complete articleSurprise addition at All-Candidates Meeting

Doug Ford campaigns in Cobourg

There were about 250 people at the CCC today to greet Doug Ford on a campaign visit to Cobourg.  His team and the team of local PC Candidate David Piccini were there to smooth the way and Doug delivered one of his signature speeches (more below).  Not to let Doug go unchallenged, immediately after the event, Liberal Candidate Lou Rinaldi issued a rebuttal in a Press Release (download at link below).  Doug spoke to the mostly supportive crowd about the waste and debt of the Kathleen Wynn Government and made a point in highlighting the high salary of the CEO of Hydro one.  Doug said that although CEOs of Hydro entities in other Provinces had salaries around $450K to $500K,… Read complete articleDoug Ford campaigns in Cobourg

Province Provides Grant to Cobourg for Downtown

Lou Rinaldi, MPP for Northumberland Quinte-West today announced that the Province will be “investing”  $40 million over three years in the Main Street Enhancement Fund.  Of this, $26M will be provided in 2018 for the Main Street Revitalization Initiative with $380,000 going to Lou’s Riding. Cobourg’s share is $52,509 while Port Hope gets $50,234 and Hamilton gets $45,312 (more detail in links below). These numbers are maximum amounts – no detail was provided on exactly what the conditions are for disbursement – presumably there will need to be a demonstration that the money was spent on relevant projects.  At the announcement, Mayor Gil Brocanier said that new initiatives on downtown vitalization will be coming.  Currently, work on downtown vitalization is… Read complete articleProvince Provides Grant to Cobourg for Downtown

PC Leadership Election Fiasco

Although the PC leadership race is not strictly a Cobourg issue, it is of interest to Cobourg citizens, so I’ll try to bring everyone up to date.  During the campaign, local PC candidate David Piccini supported Christine Elliott and said that a strong majority of PC members in the Riding also supported her. As the votes from Party membership were being counted last night, it emerged that there was a problem: the result was scheduled to be announced around 3:00pm but by 7:30 pm, everyone at the Convention was sent home with no result being announced.  The rumour on the floor was that Doug Ford had won.  At around 10:00pm, Doug Ford was declared the winner because “the conclusion of… Read complete articlePC Leadership Election Fiasco

Green Party Nominates Jeff Wheeldon

In a meeting at the Cobourg Community Centre tonight, the Green Party of Northumberland Peterborough-South elected their candidate, Jeff Wheeldon, for the provincial Election in June.  Although there was only one person on the ballot, in the interests of democracy they had a ballot with the alternative being “none of the above”.  But the vote was unanimous by the 10 members present (of a membership of 32).  The meeting featured the leader of the Provincial Green party, Mike Schreiner, and he spoke to the faithful (and media).   Mike has been leader since 2009 and this will be his third election – this time he feels there is a good chance of a few Green Party M.P.P.s and they could even… Read complete articleGreen Party Nominates Jeff Wheeldon

A Political Party with a Difference

The Trillium party of Ontario would let their MPPs vote according to their Riding needs even if that meant they voted against each other.  They are adamant that they would not have a party whip whose job it is to direct MPPs how to vote.  That’s what Bob Yaciuk, Party President, their lone MPP Jack MacLaren and Northumberland Peterborough-South Trillium candidate Derek Sharp all said at a meeting tonight.  The meeting was in Gilligan’s Pub in Colborne where Derek Sharp lives.  At the meeting, it was announced that they now have a Riding Association so can organize volunteers and accept donations.  They are a new force in Ontario; their MPP, Jack MacLaren, quit the PCs last May because he was… Read complete articleA Political Party with a Difference

Beer coming to Cobourg Walmart

Starting in April 2018, Cobourg Walmart will sell beer and cider. It will be in 6-packs and at the same price as the beer store.  Hours are also “standardized” – better than the beer store but the same as other grocery stores selling beer.  The addition of a Cobourg location and 86 other new locations will bring the total number of Ontario Groceries selling beer and cider to 370.  70 of these can also sell wine – but not the Walmart in Cobourg.  The “standard hours” will be: Monday to Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Walmart’s regular hours are 7:00am to 10:00pm, 7 days.  Grocers are required to adhere to uniform and minimum… Read complete articleBeer coming to Cobourg Walmart

NDP choose Candidate for Provincial Election

At a nomination meeting today, the NDP Riding Association for Northumberland Peterborough South acclaimed Jana Papuckoski as their Candidate. The meeting also featured a visit and talk by MPP for Oshawa, Jennifer French. There were 20 people at the meeting at the Jack Burger Centre in Port Hope although there would have been more if it was contested; another potential candidate dropped out because of a burst appendix. Jana is a former security guard and now the recording secretary for the United Steelworkers Union, Local 5296, in the Greater Toronto Area. Jana (33) moved to Port Hope in 2014 and lives there with her husband and young daughter. She has a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy. She was introduced… Read complete articleNDP choose Candidate for Provincial Election