Update on Adult Fitness Park

At the next Committee of the Whole Council meeting (on Monday October 4), the Agenda shows that Council will be asked to approve the award of a contract to supply and install Adult Fitness equipment – but the location would not be per the original request.  In Keith Oliver’s original requests in 2016 and then 2019, he suggested it be in Victoria Park and close to the boardwalk at its East end.  But the report from Staff states that at the Parks and Recreation Committee,  “the general consensus was that the Adult Fitness Park not be placed in Victoria Park”.  So they are suggesting that it “be placed at the Cobourg Community Centre, or at Peter Delanty Park”.  The cost… Read complete articleUpdate on Adult Fitness Park

Truth and Reconciliation event

An estimated 300 people watched the ceremonial inauguration of the Seven Feathers crosswalk on Albert Street on Thursday – the first Truth and Reconciliation Day.  The road was closed for the event from Division to Third and starting at noon, several people spoke about the atrocities of the residential school system and the promises to First Nations that have been broken.  Tracey Vaughan, the Town’s CAO, did a superb job as MC and introduced Jessica Outram, Poet Laureate, Chief Dave Mowat, Mayor John Henderson, MPP David Piccini and Elder Stephen Pashagumskum.  Each spoke about the failed promises and the need for learning and reconciliation.  The seven feathers crosswalk was finished only a short time before the event and represents the… Read complete articleTruth and Reconciliation event

County to Recycle Housing Material from Demolition

The County has announced several Affordable Housing projects recently but one that got a lot of attention was the demolition of eight units at 265 -327 Elgin Street East to build 20 new ones.  Some people commented on this blog and others participated in a County survey with the message – why can’t these units be salvaged?  Well it turns out they can – at least partially.  The County has now announced that “Key items such as doors, cabinets and plumbing fixtures that are in good condition and able to be reused will be donated to ReStore – Habitat for Humanity’s non-profit home improvement centre. The materials will be sold at a discounted price to generate revenue in support of… Read complete articleCounty to Recycle Housing Material from Demolition

More about the Name of the West Headland

In October 2017, Meghan Sheffield and Nicole Beatty asked Council to rename Langevin Pier because it was named after Sir Hector Langevin who was a major advocate for Canada’s residential school system for indigenous children.  Langevin Pier is more commonly called the West Headland and there is no known usage of the Langevin name by the Town. Meghan and Nicole asked that the Town “consult with Alderville Elders and Chief Marsden on what indigenous name the West Pier should bear”.  Wally Keeler then suggested in a letter to Council that the West Pier be named after Susanna Moodie – he subsequently made a delegation to Council recommending the East Pier be named after Susanna Moodie. The idea was referred to… Read complete articleMore about the Name of the West Headland

Council said to be Acting Outside its Jurisdiction

At the Committee of the Whole (CoW) Council meeting on June 21, the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (EDIAC) recommended to Council that they send a letter of support of Bill C-6 to the Federal Government.  This bill would make conversion therapy a crime. (Conversion therapy tries to negate someone’s desire to change sex identification). Councillor Beatty had moved the motion at the Advisory Committee and promoted the idea at the CoW meeting.  Councillor Chorley had reservations about supporting the motion since it is outside Council’s jurisdiction but supported other activities of the committee that are within the municipality’s jurisdiction.  The CoW vote was in favour 5-1 (see wording of motion below) – Councillor Emily Chorley abstained and Deputy… Read complete articleCouncil said to be Acting Outside its Jurisdiction

There’s Progress in Highway of Heroes Tree Planting

In October 2018, Cobourg Volunteers participated in planting some of the 117,000 trees that will remember the 117,000 Canadians who have “died for freedom” since confederation (see link below).  The 117,000 trees will be planted on the Highway of Heroes right of way and another 1.8 million trees will be planted nearby but not on the right of way.  You might have thought that this initiative would be dropped but no, it has continued.  This Spring, more than 98,000 new trees have been planted across Northumberland County in honour of Canadian veterans, thanks to the combined efforts of the Highway of Heroes (HOH) Tree Campaign and Forests Ontario. These newly planted seedlings are adding to an existing green monument along… Read complete articleThere’s Progress in Highway of Heroes Tree Planting

Pop-ups Brighten the Day in Cobourg

In 2016, Cobourg Library created pop-up Libraries around Cobourg. These are small boxes installed in Public places that provide reading material for the public on a trust basis and they are still operating. Based on a sample of two that I looked at, they have a varying success rate. A week or so ago, the Art Gallery of Northumberland created mini pop-up Art Galleries and today, two Port Hope non-profit groups (Cultivate and Greenwood Coalition) have created 10 pop-up herb gardens – 5 in Cobourg and 5 in Port Hope. It will be interesting to see how long they survive but it’s great to see these initiatives. Based on the Library experience, Cobourg people can be trusted to a certain… Read complete articlePop-ups Brighten the Day in Cobourg

Spending Affordable Housing CIP Budget

In 2020, Council approved a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to provide a means for Council to fund subsidies to Affordable Housing.  At the Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting  next Monday, Director of Planning and Development Glenn McGlashon will present his plan to implement this.  Glenn proposes that there would be a well publicised call for applications which would then be reviewed by a new Ad Hoc Committee.  The intent is to allocate the $162,195.50 remaining from the $250K budget – already $35,287 has been committed to Trinity Housing and $52,517.50 has been allocated to Northumberland County Housing.  Glenn proposes a single intake starting in July with a final Council Decision by 1 November 2021.  Work on projects must start… Read complete articleSpending Affordable Housing CIP Budget

Public Consultations on Accessibility

In the second half of 2020, one of the things that Council did was to focus on Accessibility with several actions including hiring an Accessibility Coordinator (Jamie Kramer) on a full-time contract.  Jamie’s goal is to create the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy for the Town of Cobourg.  So far she has helped setup an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee and secured a Provincial Grant of $60K to help with her work.  And it’s not just disabled people that are being “included”; the list is long: Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, women, people with disabilities, newcomers to Canada, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit, Intersex, and Asexual peoples, as well as those who identify as pansexual, questioning,… Read complete articlePublic Consultations on Accessibility

Rotary Wants to Promote Vaccinations

Cobourg’s Rotary Club has been providing volunteers to the Vaccination Clinic at the Cobourg Community Centre but they are also keen on encouraging people to get their shots.  Their idea is that everyone who has had a shot should advertise this fact with a lawn sign and simultaneously thank the volunteers who have been helping.  They don’t spell it out but there are a number of covidiots people who don’t want to be vaccinated either because they don’t understand the benefit or have unfathomable reasons and perhaps the signs will be moral persuasion for them to get with the program.  Rotary says it more diplomatically:  that the signs will “create heightened awareness for the need to get vaccinated and foster… Read complete articleRotary Wants to Promote Vaccinations