Cobourg Cyclists’ Team Enter Race Across America

For 36 years, Race across America (RAAM) has been “challenging ultracyclists from around the globe to push their physical and mental limits to the farthest reaches.”  It’s a 5,000 kilometer nonstop cycling race across America –  starting in Oceanside California and finishing in Annapolis, Maryland.  Contestants will climb 175,000 feet with only 9 days to complete the race!  RAAM is about 30% longer than the Tour de France, but must be completed in half the time. It attracts cyclists from around the globe and is truly the pinnacle of athletic achievement. This year, a team of four cyclists from Cobourg – they call themselves the Cantastic 4 – will be one of the only Canadian teams racing, and they chose… Read complete articleCobourg Cyclists’ Team Enter Race Across America

Durham Architecture Students Display ideas for Downtown

Architectural Technology students from Durham College were asked to produce practical designs for potential development locations in Downtown Cobourg.  Their teacher Ali Taileb gave them a choice of one of two locations on Albert Street: either the land adjacent to Rotary Park which is now a parking lot or the land on the South West corner of Albert and Division – now occupied by buildings.  They had to resolve issues that would come up for site plan approval and were briefed on that by Cobourg’s Planning Department.  As a result they worried about issues such as preserving one of the trees, moving buried water mains, parking requirements and more.  They also had to comply with a requirement for a mixed… Read complete articleDurham Architecture Students Display ideas for Downtown

Cobourg Civic Awards – 2019

Once again I am amazed at the number of talented people in Cobourg who volunteer their time to make Cobourg that much a better place to live.   It’s one of Cobourg’s “feel good” events.  It’s organized by a committee of citizens (see photo) which includes Toni Galea, executive assistant to the Mayor and CAO – she seems to do a lot of the behind the scenes work as did Petra Hartwig before her.  They are helped by a second committee who select recipients of the awards.  This year, the MC was Olinda Casimiro, Director of the AGN.  Awards were handed out by Councillors and Sponsors.  I managed to get photos of all recipients and they are collected in a video… Read complete articleCobourg Civic Awards – 2019

Council Acts on Affordable Housing

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on April 1st, Council was asked to approve support for both the Balder Corporation Proposal and the Trinity Housing Proposal – both of which were behind Nicole Beatty’s initiative to add $250,000 to the Town’s 2019 budget for affordable housing projects.  Staff provided a 28 page memo outlining measures that could be taken to provide support.  One of these is the creation of a Townwide Community Improvement Plan to allow certain incentives to be provided and another is additional staff to implement a “new housing program”.  Staff suggested actions that would cost $360K in addition to a shortfall in revenue of $52K.  Most of this would go towards the Trinity Housing project.  At… Read complete articleCouncil Acts on Affordable Housing

Special Olympics – Cobourg Fundraising

As well as the better known ParaOlympics held in conjunction with the summer Olympic Games, there is also the Special Olympics which has year round sports training and competitions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  This year, Ontario is holding a Special Olympics Invitational Youth Games which will bring together 2,000 student-athletes aged 13-21 from around the world to Toronto.  On Monday, March 25, Cobourg Police symbolically raised a flag to show their support for the games and the effort in Cobourg to raise money to help local athletes participate.  A Special Constable (Amy) helped organize this – both the Police and the Town showed their support with Chief Kai Liu leading the ceremony and Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin… Read complete articleSpecial Olympics – Cobourg Fundraising

Should water bottles be banned?

At Monday’s Council meeting Petra Hartwig and Gigi Ludorf-Weaver asked Council to do three things: 1) declare that water and sanitation services are fundamental human rights, 2) ban bottled water in municipal facilities and municipal events and 3) install outside water bottle filling stations strategically placed around the Town. Councillor Nicole Beatty showed support by drinking from a flask and Mayor John Henderson pointed out that Victoria Hall had already replaced two drinking fountains with bottle filling stations. Petra and Gigi were primarily representing the Blue Communities Organization but were also representing the Northumberland Chapter of the Council of Canadians, Sustainable Cobourg and Blue Dot.  Petra and Gigi pointed to the enormous profits made by water bottlers who anyway often… Read complete articleShould water bottles be banned?

County Plans Expansion of Affordable Housing

Northumberland County has the responsibility of providing affordable housing and currently owns and operates 344 social housing units.  But there is a problem, the waitlist for RGI (Rent Geared to Income) housing is currently “nearly 700 households … in Cobourg”.  A newly developed Affordable Housing Strategy points to 4 goals and 44 actions to solve the problem and will be presented at the County Council meeting on March 20.  Also at that meeting, Council will be asked to approve a project to add 22 units to the existing 18 at their current Elgin Street property.  These duplex houses are now 50 years old so it’s proposed to re-develop the complex into higher density.  Because of the need to rezone and… Read complete articleCounty Plans Expansion of Affordable Housing

Housing in Cobourg, 2019

During the last municipal election campaign, councillors heard that there was a lot of support for affordable housing.  Responding to this, the Town’s budget now has a line item of $250,000 to support housing even though it’s really a county responsibility.  There are two ways people provide housing for themselves: renting and buying a house, and both are a concern.  The rental vacancy rate in Cobourg is 0.3% and the average price of a home in Cobourg is now $455,000, up from $300,000 just four years ago.  According to the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, “affordable” rents must be no more than 80% of average market rents.  In Northumberland in 2018, the average rent for a two bedroom… Read complete articleHousing in Cobourg, 2019