New Amherst School – Re-Zoning up for Approval

The gallery at the Committee of the Whole Council meeting on Monday was full with some people standing.  They were there to express their concern about the planned school in New Amherst and, if their efforts failed, to show concern about the process used to come to a decision on the necessary re-zoning.  The School will be built by the third school board with schools in Cobourg: Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenier – this is a French Language School and not French immersion.  Students must be fluent in French. There was a public meeting in March that got heated (see link below) so there was no surprise when the issue came to Council.  To counter the expected opposition, both the developer… Read complete articleNew Amherst School – Re-Zoning up for Approval

Downtown Bicycle Race Details Approved

In February, Greg Rawson asked Cobourg Town staff for permission to stage a Criterium Bicycle race in Downtown Cobourg.  Staff have now approved a route and date – no doubt subject to Council approval – that are different from the original.  The route now includes King and Albert instead of Chapel and King.  It also includes the heart of Downtown.  The date is now Saturday August 11.  See the map below – full details for participants are also available for download in the Links below.  Criterium races are on a short loop course (1km) so cornering skill is important and they promise to bring excitement to Downtown Cobourg.  Greg is also organizing a more conventional bicycle race starting in Baltimore… Read complete articleDowntown Bicycle Race Details Approved

Float your Fanny Down the Ganny – 2018

This year’s event seemed to have a bigger crowd and more excitement than previous years.  There were 55 Canoes and Kayaks and 51 crazy craft and the emergency crews had many occasions to rescue participants from drowning – see video below.  The water seemed faster and although many crazy craft hit bottom (on the rapids), it was definitely a little deeper.  The event was originally scheduled a week earlier but was postponed due to the bad weather.  It seems that lots of people heard about the new date and were able to come a week later.  I don’t have numbers but there seemed to be more vendors around as well – one popular food truck was from MacDonalds; they  were… Read complete articleFloat your Fanny Down the Ganny – 2018

CIP program expands scope for 2018

Previous Downtown Community Improvement Plan (C.I.P.) grants and loans were aimed at improvements in facades and roof improvements but for 2018, with a $150K budget, the scope is expected to expand to include “refurbishment of the upper floors of downtown buildings”.  Many of the existing downtown buildings have upper floors intended as apartments but many are in a poor state of repair so have been empty for years.  In addition, instead of two intakes, there will be only one with a deadline of July 13, 2018 and approval (or not) by Council by August 13.  A single intake in July allows more time for applicants  to “obtain relevant information, complete design work, secure quotes and obtain necessary approvals” as well… Read complete articleCIP program expands scope for 2018

Doug Ford campaigns in Cobourg

There were about 250 people at the CCC today to greet Doug Ford on a campaign visit to Cobourg.  His team and the team of local PC Candidate David Piccini were there to smooth the way and Doug delivered one of his signature speeches (more below).  Not to let Doug go unchallenged, immediately after the event, Liberal Candidate Lou Rinaldi issued a rebuttal in a Press Release (download at link below).  Doug spoke to the mostly supportive crowd about the waste and debt of the Kathleen Wynn Government and made a point in highlighting the high salary of the CEO of Hydro one.  Doug said that although CEOs of Hydro entities in other Provinces had salaries around $450K to $500K,… Read complete articleDoug Ford campaigns in Cobourg

Sidewalk Priority Plan

Last summer, there was considerable debate in Council about a sidewalk on Abbott Boulevard.  In the end, Council called for Priority Ranking Guidelines and that a Policy based on these should be produced.  In probably his last memo to council before he retires, Director of Works Barry Thrasher has now provided a priority list and described the basis for this.  The starting point is the official Plan which says that all collector and arterial roads (will) eventually have sidewalks on both sides of the street and local streets (will) have sidewalks on one side.  The new list is estimated to cost over $2.6M to build and as the usual budget for sidewalk construction is around $100k these will take 27… Read complete articleSidewalk Priority Plan

Golden Plough Build to go to Next Stage

At their next meeting, County Council will be asked to approve the award of a $3M contract to Salter Pilon Architecture Inc. for architectural and engineering services for the rebuild of the Golden Plough Lodge (GPL).  Construction costs for the project have been estimated at $49.0M but there is a possibility that the project will be expanded from 151 to 180 beds.  In that case, the estimated total of $82.5M includes not just construction costs and the additional beds but also all other associated costs such as professional services, land/property value, approval/permits, insurance and applicable taxes.  Of this, approx. $35M would come from the Province and the rest from our taxes spread over 25 years.  The expansion from 151 to… Read complete articleGolden Plough Build to go to Next Stage