Council responds to input on Strategic Plan

Tonight’s Committee of the Whole Council meeting was the first chance Council had to respond to comments made by the public on the proposed Strategic Plan.  There was a public meeting on April 7 where a large number of written and verbal comments were made (see link below for report) and tonight the council showed that they listened.  Several Councillors moved amendments and all were passed.  Brian Darling was the first; he pointed to the Strategic Action that said: ”Review the expansion of boat slips into the west harbour recommendation contained in the waterfront master plan” and wanted it removed.  That motion passed.  A short while later, Emily Chorley moved that instead of being simply deleted, the action should be… Read complete articleCouncil responds to input on Strategic Plan

Cobourg’s Cannabis Facility can now Sell Product

After some turmoil with a change of management, Cobourg’s Cannabis factory has now achieved a milestone: they can now sell their product.  FSD Pharma Inc. announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary FV Pharma Inc. has received its Sale for Medical Purposes licence to sell cannabis under the Cannabis Act (Canada). The licence went into effect on April 18, 2019.  The licence allows the current FSD facility to supply and sell cannabis products. The company anticipates receiving the amended sales licence that will include the sale of dried and fresh cannabis flower in the near future.  Dr. Raza Bokhari, Executive Co-Chairman and CEO said, “Our sales licence is a key development for FSD Pharma and a huge success and step forward… Read complete articleCobourg’s Cannabis Facility can now Sell Product

Durham Architecture Students Display ideas for Downtown

Architectural Technology students from Durham College were asked to produce practical designs for potential development locations in Downtown Cobourg.  Their teacher Ali Taileb gave them a choice of one of two locations on Albert Street: either the land adjacent to Rotary Park which is now a parking lot or the land on the South West corner of Albert and Division – now occupied by buildings.  They had to resolve issues that would come up for site plan approval and were briefed on that by Cobourg’s Planning Department.  As a result they worried about issues such as preserving one of the trees, moving buried water mains, parking requirements and more.  They also had to comply with a requirement for a mixed… Read complete articleDurham Architecture Students Display ideas for Downtown

Truly Local Radio gets Federal Grant

MP Kim Rudd was at the local radio station on Tuesday to announce a grant of $24,300 from the Federal Government through the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP).   This will support a program Northumberland 89.7 FM is planning to produce where seniors will tell stories about their memories and local history.  Hopefully they will be about interesting things that most have not heard of.  I suggested an example might be a story by Larry Wilson who was there as a boy in 1951 when a plane landed in the field of his family’s farm – right where Canadian Tire is now.  But there are surely more stories.  The working title of the program is “Stories for the Ages” –… Read complete articleTruly Local Radio gets Federal Grant

What’s happening about getting a Poet Laureate?

Last October, Council initiated setting up an Ad Hoc Committee to decide on who should be appointed to be the Poet Laureate for the next 4 years.  This is needed since Ted Amsden’s 8 year term has expired. Candidates for the citizen position were solicited with four applications received but then nothing happened.  This week, Poet Wally Keeler emailed Mayor John Henderson and other councillors asking “Is there a Poet Laureate Ad Hoc Committee?” and adds a comment: “A bit of openness and transparency is called for here, or some action taken.”  Others copied on the email were supportive.  John Henderson responded and pointed out that the upcoming Committee of the Whole meeting on April 23 has this issue on… Read complete articleWhat’s happening about getting a Poet Laureate?

Police Upgrade Communication with Public

Cobourg Police are continuing to improve their transparency and efficiency and for those reasons recently hired Laurie Debattista as their Corporate Communications Coordinator.  As well as freeing up officers from this work, Laurie is also upgrading the process.  As well as being sent out by email, information on activities is now also sent out via Twitter and added to the police web site.  The web site is also being re-vamped with a new version scheduled for this summer. Cobourg News blog does not report on every incident – for that you should follow the Police Twitter account or maybe go to Pete Fisher’s Today’s Northumberland – but sometimes I do report to give an overview on how well our police… Read complete articlePolice Upgrade Communication with Public

William Academy Open House

Since William Academy took over the old CDCI West building, there has been interest amongst residents of Cobourg who want more details.  An open house on Saturday April 13 provided information on what it’s currently doing and its future.  The owner, Jeff Weng, is promoting the building’s heritage and CDCI West’s heritage; he is also working hard to strengthen the relationship with Cobourg: Mayor John Henderson spends time monthly with the school and its students.  John likes to recount how he took a group of students for their first visit to a Tim Hortons and all the questions they asked.  The School’s Principal, Louise Nadeau, was coaxed out of retirement after finishing her career in Cobourg.  At the open house,… Read complete articleWilliam Academy Open House

Float your Fanny 2019

It was a sunny Spring day and the crowd was big – no exact estimate but I’d say bigger than last year.  The Float your Fanny down the Ganny event was as entertaining as ever and by my count, more spills for canoes than previously and additional drama from the several paddle boards.  I had a good spot for taking videos up until most of the crazy craft came down – my 15 minute video is below.  Although there were lots of spills, the Port Hope Fire department had three pairs of officers who helped many – some needing help but others seemed OK just floating down the Ganny without their canoe or paddle (around 8:10 on the video).  The… Read complete articleFloat your Fanny 2019