Waterfront “Guide” Mailed to all Cobourg Households

This week, Canada Post is delivering a brochure from the Town to all 8664 households in Cobourg.  The idea is to educate the public on the merits of the recent waterfront study and of the financial viability of the harbour and marina.  This could be called a new level of transparency but it’s also selling the results of the study.  Some of the issues described are not particularly contentious (e.g. about the East Pier) while others are likely to be election issues (e.g. harbour expansion).  There are in fact two “Guides” available – the four page version that was mailed and the 16 page version available on line.  Both have much the same information but the larger one has more… Read complete articleWaterfront “Guide” Mailed to all Cobourg Households

More CIP Grants and Loans Approved by Council

Surveys conducted as part of the Downtown Vitalization Study showed that citizens were critical of the state of repair and appearance of many Downtown buildings.  This is also no doubt one of the reasons that many of the apartments above stores remain unoccupied. To help address these issues, Council tonight approved the spending of $136,822 of the 2018 budget of $150,000 on Community Improvement Plan (C.I.P.) grants.  There were seven applications in the 2018 intake – of these, 6 were approved and one deferred pending completion of outstanding work.  Several of the applications indicated that they plan to make apartments available on the second and third floors of their properties.  Critics of Cobourg’s Downtown have said that the addition of… Read complete articleMore CIP Grants and Loans Approved by Council

All Candidates’ Debate cancelled

Up until now, there had been only one All-Candidates meeting/debate scheduled and that was by a joint effort of the CTA and Northumberland 89.7 on October 10 – but now it has been cancelled.  The radio station issued a statement that there was a disagreement on format but the CTA (Cobourg Taxpayers Association) said that the problem was that some Candidates did not want to participate if it was organized by the CTA.  It seems that the venue has been reserved and paid for and it is hoped that another organization will take over and hold the much needed forum for Candidates to air their platforms. Although the Mayor has been acclaimed, there are still important contests for Deputy Mayor… Read complete articleAll Candidates’ Debate cancelled

Criterium Racing in Cobourg – 11 August 2018

The weather was perfect for the first Criterium Gran Prix to be held in Cobourg.  Most races were 40km around the 1.2km course so there were 33 laps.  Each race took around an hour so the bicycles were doing an average of 40km/hr so as well as speed and skill in cornering, endurance was also tested.  Most races had contestants in several categories – for example, the first race had two categories: Elite (Senior) 4 Men and Master 3 Men (the number indicates skill level with 1 being highest). There were few spectators for the first race but there were more at later ones.  I saw only one spill (see photo below) but no injuries.  Although residents on Albert were… Read complete articleCriterium Racing in Cobourg – 11 August 2018

Anti-Poverty Rally

Deborah O’Connor of the Northumberland Coalition Against Poverty organized a rally outside the office of MP David Piccini today to protest changes by the Doug Ford government.  The newly elected Provincial government recently announced that after 100 days of consultation, it will come up with a strategy to break the cycle of poverty and get people working.  A first step is that the Wynn government’s plan to increase social assistance rates by 3% in September will be cut to 1.5%  and the 4000 participants on the basic income pilot project will revert to the same welfare arrangements as everyone else.  But Deborah supports the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty which says that even the 3% was “woefully inadequate” and below the… Read complete articleAnti-Poverty Rally

Criterium Race Downtown on Saturday

The Gran Prix Bicycle race is a first for Cobourg and is billed as “one of the most exciting spectator events this town has ever seen.”  Organizers have worked hard to ensure that all the details are covered, and risks are minimized, especially due to the road closures.  The 1.2 km race course (see map below) is East on King St. to Third, South on Third to Albert, West on Albert to Bagot, North on Bagot to King and East on King to the start/finish line. Each race involves a minimum of 33 laps at high speed.  Residents living on the course would be wise to move their cars south of Albert to facilitate access to the town throughout the… Read complete articleCriterium Race Downtown on Saturday

The Passing Scene: Gotcha!

It happened so quickly. Time and reality finally catching up, having stalked me for so long as my game of denial went into overtime. When it happened, it was swift. The game I created? Ignore Reality.  I justified it for a long time (years?); I felt young, therefore I was. Has a nice ring to it. Even though I had given up daily outdoor cycling a couple of years ago, I was still in pretty good shape for … well, an Old Guy. Could still put on the miles at the Y. But, when IT happened, I was, ironically, out walking along the waterfront like a young lad, admiring the geese and ducks, the quiet civility of Cobourg on a… Read complete articleThe Passing Scene: Gotcha!

James Cockburn Day – 2018

On Saturday, August 4, Rob Franklin, Manager of Planning Services for the Town of Cobourg performed a play about James Cockburn in front of Victoria Hall. James Cockburn (pronounced Co-burn) is an important historical figure since he was a father of Confederation and a resident of Cobourg and this would be the eleventh year that Rob has played the part of James Cockburn in a play.  However, the official James Cockburn day is Monday so the performance was repeated at the Sifton Cook centre on Monday. About 25 people showed up in the heat to watch the play –  it was a new one first performed last year. Another change this year is that the James Cockburn Society will now be… Read complete articleJames Cockburn Day – 2018