Marie Dressler’s Birthday party

The last event in the series celebrating the 150th birthday of Marie Dressler was held on her actual birthday, last Friday November 9.  The venue was the Art Gallery of Northumberland and as well as the requisite speeches, it featured the La Jeunesse choir singing for the approx. 73 who came to the party. They performed “Singing in the Rain” in honour of Marie who sang this song in the 1929 Hollywood Revue as well as the requisite “Happy Birthday” and another song. Actress Carlotta Rutledge portrayed Marie and when the kids made birthday cards for Marie she presented them with presents. In attendance were MPP David Piccini, Mayor Gil Brocanier and several Councillors. The party was kicked off by… Read complete articleMarie Dressler’s Birthday party

The Passing Scene: Ahh, The Changing Times

I was reading a recent column in the Globe and Mail by Elizabeth Renzetti on the ancient custom, in certain private schools, that dress codes dictate the permissible length of a female student’s skirt – the students often subjected to the embarrassment of having their skirts measured in front of the entire class – including boys who .. well, who knows how they react? It took me back eons to my own early school days in England where, at the age of 11 (or younger) boys and girls were separated in class and at recess. Never shall the twain meet … until years later, disgorged from the system, full of gaucherie and embarrassment when having to socialize and interact with… Read complete articleThe Passing Scene: Ahh, The Changing Times

Empty Store to be used for 2018 Gingerbread Festival

On Friday November 23, 2018 as part of Cobourg’s Christmas Magic tree lighting ceremony, the Habitat for Humanity’s Gingerbread Festival will start displaying gingerbread houses.  The Festival will run from 5 pm on Friday 23rd to 5pm on Sunday, November 25th and will be located in the large empty store across the street from Victoria Hall. This will be the first time in the three year history of the event that all entries will be in the one location. Organizers are currently estimating that this year there will be over 50 community entries and 8-10 professional entries. But there’s more. In the same location and at the same times, the DBIA is organizing a Christmas Market for downtown merchants. The… Read complete articleEmpty Store to be used for 2018 Gingerbread Festival

Cobourg Remembers

Maybe it was because it was the 100th anniversary of Armistice day or maybe because the weather was OK and it was a weekend – but whatever the reason, it was good to see such a large turnout on Sunday at the Remembrance Day ceremonies – I estimated close to 1000 showed their respects.  Most of the local representatives of the people (otherwise known as politicians) marched and were at the ceremonies – both MP Kim Rudd and MPP David Piccini laid wreaths.  Although Cobourg is still primarily Christian, it was surprising that other beliefs were not respected.  Council meetings have become neutral, but it seems this has not extended to November 11 ceremonies.  However, I did notice a First… Read complete articleCobourg Remembers

New Party established in Riding

The new People’s Party of Canada (PPC) held an inaugural meeting in Cobourg tonight to establish their Electoral District Association (EDA) for Northumberland Peterborough South.  The new Federal Party was established in September 2018 when Maxime Bernier broke away from the Conservative Party.  With almost 40,000 members across Canada but not yet an official party, it is racing against time to be set up for the next federal election in October 2019.  At the meeting, a new executive was elected, or rather nominated since their confirmation is subject to some background checking.  There were about 18 people at the meeting held in Arthur’s pub – more than expected by organizer Adam Gray from Belleville.  All ages were represented with about… Read complete articleNew Party established in Riding

Federal Government contributes to Armistice 18

MP Kim Rudd today announced that Canada’s Commemorative Partnership Program that is operated by the Veteran’s Affairs Department is granting Cobourg $10,000 for its Armistice 18 program.  Kim commended Cobourg for its efforts although she did not mention the criticism leveled at the Federal Government in a recent McLeans article (see link below).  The same article also commended Cobourg:  “Cobourg, a town of 20,000 on Lake Ontario, is currently putting the rest of the country to shame in recognizing one of the most significant events in our nation’s past. In fact, it’s doing more to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War than the entire federal government.” But Kim did manage to get the money… Read complete articleFederal Government contributes to Armistice 18

CTA Asks Town for Better Budgets

Not everyone supports the Cobourg Taxpayers Association (CTA) but most would support their statement that the “operating budget and capital budget process is the single most important responsibility that Council has”.  In a recent newsletter to those on their mailing list, the CTA asked that the new Council make several specific improvements to budget preparation and reporting.  Although they did not spell it out, the new council will have a new Deputy Mayor (Suzanne Séguin) and since the Deputy Mayor is responsible for organizing the budget process, there will be a fresh opportunity to do it differently.  The outgoing Deputy Mayor, John Henderson, made some incremental improvements – slightly faster and more transparent – but the CTA is asking for… Read complete articleCTA Asks Town for Better Budgets

Scheduling Problem with Cobourg’s Entertainment

Cobourg does not lack for entertainment events but many events are scheduled for the same day and even the same time.  A good example was this past Sunday (November 4) when there were nine events by my count.  There were five live shows, two speakers, an Art Show and a walking tour.  But the following Sunday has very few events – although that may be because it’s Nov 11.  You’d think that some of the people organizing the shows would talk to each other.  Some years ago, the (now defunct) Arts Council of Northumberland tried to resolve the issue but gave up for lack of cooperation from enough of the arts organizations.  Below is a review of the events on… Read complete articleScheduling Problem with Cobourg’s Entertainment