Busy Day at Victoria Park and Beach

Today was another glorious summer day in Cobourg with lots happening at Victoria Park and the Beach.  In the Park, close to 200 cars participated in the Lakeside Antique and Classic Car Show, the Lawn Bowling club were hosting the Ontario Championship national qualifying lawn bowling tournament (also Saturday), the Ontario Volleyball Association had 33 courts active on the beach (continuing from Saturday), the Courtyard Cantina operated for the weekend and there was a good crowd on the beach.  However, the Water Park was not setup and the Lifeguard stations were all still the old styles.   Mysteriously, the Coast Guard moored a “Police, Marine Security” ship offshore – the local Coast Guard said that it’s nothing to do with them… Read complete articleBusy Day at Victoria Park and Beach

Lame Duck Council expected on July 27

Cobourg’s Council has a total of seven members and Provincial legislation says that if on nomination day (July 27), fewer than 75% are running for re-election, then it is in a “lame duck” position and restrictions apply as to what it can do.  So far, Gil Brocanier, Debra McCarthy and Forrest Rowden have declared they are not running so there will be a “lame duck” council on July 27.   At the next Council meeting on July 23, it is planned to pass a by-law to delegate the missing authority to CAO Stephen Peacock.  The issue has not previously been as big a concern but the period from Nomination day to election of a new council is longer this time than… Read complete articleLame Duck Council expected on July 27

Downtown Real Estate Update – July 2018

With the sale of the old Curling building on Queen and the plans to build Condos there (see link below), I asked myself, what else is for sale in Downtown Cobourg?  Quite a number of buildings are on the market – many with tenants – so in that case, there may not be any visible change when they are sold.  In my survey, the first thing I noticed is that the building at 101 King West, which was the Milestone Boutique, has now changed hands: Milestone moved to Port Hope and a Port Hope business took their place in Cobourg.  The new business is Raw Animal Diet Inc. and they sell raw pet food which they believe is better for… Read complete articleDowntown Real Estate Update – July 2018

Food and Music Festival

On Saturday July 7, Cobourg staged yet another successful Festival that attracted citizens and visitors.  It helped that the weather was perfect – a cloudless sky yet not too hot.  It was not quite as big as organizers hoped – 25 food trucks were booked but only 15 showed up – so it only stretched from George to Division with Hibernia to George being left out.  But to judge from the crowds, especially mid-afternoon, those who came enjoyed the food and at least some of the entertainment.  The Festival was in its second year and vendors did well enough – not perhaps as well as they’d like but enough they’d probably come again.  If you look at the collection of… Read complete articleFood and Music Festival

Four Exceptional Students Win Bursaries

Each year Marie Dressler Foundation awards bursaries of $1500 each to four students finishing high school in Northumberland and planning to go into tertiary education to prepare for a career in the arts.  Today, in a presentation inside the recently rebuilt Marie Dressler Museum, the winning students were presented with their cheques as well as a framed certificate (and a bouquet of flowers). The video below shows the presentation by Rick Miller (chair of the Foundation) and other board members.  The first winner in the video is Graham Beer – many will note that he is generally on the other side of the camera.  Witnessing the event were Foundation board members, parents of recipients, the media and a couple of… Read complete articleFour Exceptional Students Win Bursaries

Changes coming to re-cycling in 2019

Effective September 1, 2019, the County intends to make major changes to its recycling and waste collection program.  Instead of one type of recyclable waste, there will be two: paper and containers. In addition, organic waste will be collected separately. Residents will be given blue, grey and green boxes.  It will get complicated so expect a major educational program.  The motivation for the dual-stream recycling is the cost of recycling when it’s contaminated with non-recyclable material.  Currently in Northumberland County, contamination of recyclables is around 20-25% – with dual stream, it can go as low as 3%.  Because of this contamination, the price paid for recycled paper has dropped from $100 per metric ton to $5 per metric ton. The… Read complete articleChanges coming to re-cycling in 2019

Waterfront Study Finally Accepted by Council

The vote was delayed a month to give time for further public input and as a result, there were four delegations on the subject at Tuesday’s Council Meeting.  Each project would have to come to Council for approval at the time it was intended to go ahead so most councillors felt that approving the plan did not mean they were approving each project.  But the wording was contentious; Suzanne Séguin wanted to include words that specifically barred expanding the West Harbour even though such wording could later be over-ruled.  Both public presenters and Councillors felt that the study was generally deemed to make good recommendations with the exception of expansion of boat slips into the West Harbour and buying a… Read complete articleWaterfront Study Finally Accepted by Council

Young Entrepreneur at Beach Booth

Rachel Lalonde operates the Surfside Tuck Shop at Cobourg beach and so far is doing well.  Her business sells beach toys, candies, mats, souvenirs etc and is helped by a couple of programs.  One is the Youth Entrepreneur Partnership Program run by the Town and their help is primarily free rental of the booth.  There are two booths at the beach, the other is run by the Town and rents out bicycles (more at links below).  The other program is called Summer Company and is run by the county and funded by the Province. It provides startup money of up to $3,000 and mentorship for full-time high school, college or university students, aged 15-29 years of age.  Rachel is going into… Read complete articleYoung Entrepreneur at Beach Booth