Cobourg’s Highland Games – 2018

The weather was perfect – sunny but not too hot and the organization worked.  Entry was $20 at the gate but few complained.  The “Games” were Highland Dance competitions, Bag Pipe band competitions and the usual “heavy” events.  In addition there were vendors selling Scottish memorabilia and there was musical entertainment.  Once again the games were in Victoria Park and once again parking was at a premium.  Unlike the Waterfront Festival, there were no shuttle busses to remote parking.  The crowds seem to come despite the increase in entry fee so this should put the Highland Games organizers on a better footing.  In 2013, they asked the Town for a loan but didn’t get it (see link below) but at… Read complete articleCobourg’s Highland Games – 2018

Tourism Marketing Launched for 2018

At an event at the Cobourg Community Centre on Thursday, several Tourism marketing initiatives were presented.  Information intended to attract Tourists to Cobourg will be provided to locations across Ontario and the marketing material will have a new look with the focus on Experiences.  The Town’s Tourism web site (although still on line) will be superceded by a new one: – the idea is to not overdo the details and encourage visitors to get more detail at the web site.  At the program launch, a collection of Souvenirs produced by Hoselton Studios was unveiled.  These will be sold at Tourism centres in Cobourg; that is, at 1) the Tourism office in the Market Building behind Victoria Hall and 2)… Read complete articleTourism Marketing Launched for 2018

Lifeguard Stations to be Upgraded

It was intended  to happen last year but with the high water it was postponed.  But now, the fifteen year old icons of the Cobourg Beach will be replaced with new units with improved portability, ergonomics and safety. They will also include storage for items like paddle boards and volleyball nets. Concept Reality (SCR) was contracted to design the stations for $3,200 and at their meeting on Monday, Council was informed that two units would be built by SCR at a cost of $24,200 plus HST. The other two will hopefully be replaced in 2019.  As part of the design process, YMCA (they provide the lifeguards), the Chief Building Official and the Cobourg Heritage Committee reviewed the design.  The… Read complete articleLifeguard Stations to be Upgraded

Beach Courtyard Summer Series

The Northumberland Local Food for Local Good (LFFLG) not for profit group organizes events that promote local, sustainable food.  Best known for their Cultivate Festival in Port Hope in September, this summer they are partnering with the Market and Smor couple, Lucas Cleveland and Montana Desjardins who operate Cobourg’s beach canteen. Starting on the weekend of July 13, 14, 15, they will turn the “courtyard” next door to the canteen into a “licensed cantina”.   Scheduled for four weekends, it will feature entertainment, local brews and wines plus food prepared by the Canteen. The event is being organized by Local Food for Local Good who will be managing drink sales while Market and Smor (aka the beach canteen) are supplying and… Read complete articleBeach Courtyard Summer Series

Busker festival draws large crowd

On Saturday June 9, 2018, a good number of the people of Cobourg came downtown for the annual Busker Festival.  There were 9 official performers and a few others as well as many vendors.  At around 11:00, the annual “walk a mile in her shoes” fundraiser for Cornerstone also happened but since some of the advertising said a later time, I missed it.  I heard that it had more people than previous years.  A stroll along King Street around noon with a camcorder resulted in a good sample of what one would see at the event.  I caught Police Chief Kai Liu helping with a family photo and managed to see three separate “buskers” as well as the Premiere Dance… Read complete articleBusker festival draws large crowd

Pay for Parking by Credit Card in Cobourg

At an announcement on Wednesday June 6, Mayor Brocanier said that in 2013, when parking meters returned to King Street, there were critics who wanted meters that could accept credit cards.  But at that time, technology for that was not reliable.  But now, credit cards are accepted at all paid parking locations in Cobourg – metered or otherwise.  By integrating with the Town’s parking management software, HonkMobile’s software allows anyone to pay by credit card and even to top up their payment remotely.  At a cost of 35c per transaction, there is now no excuse to not be able to pay.  If you add the Honkmobile app to your phone, you can pay for parking in 10 locations in Cobourg… Read complete articlePay for Parking by Credit Card in Cobourg

David Piccini wins big in local riding

The Tory candidate for Northumberland Peterborough-South won the riding by a large margin.  Incumbent Lou Rinaldi and NDP Candidate Jana Papuckoski were almost tied in second place – each with about half of David’s vote.  In the 2014 election, Lou’s winning margin was much less (all the numbers are below).  There was no real surprise that the NDP did well to come second with 56% more than their vote from 2014.  But I was surprised that the “other” candidates did so poorly.  The Libertarian Candidate (John O’Keefe) did not campaign yet he got more votes than Derek Sharp from the Trillium party.  But perhaps it’s in line with the drubbing that the Trillium party leader got in Kanata (he got 3.6%… Read complete articleDavid Piccini wins big in local riding