Reminder – Town Hall meeting on Local News

Hopefully most people in Cobourg know by now that a group has been formed to see if there is anything that can be done to replace the gap left by the shutdown of Northumberland Today.  Currently led by Professor of e-journalism Rob Washburn, a Public Town Hall meeting has been organized for Tuesday March 20th at 7:00pm in Cobourg’s Victoria Hall.  Rob asked Cobourg Council for support in the cost of that and Council approved his request on February 20.  Since this initiative started, there has been some activity online (see links below) but no printed replacement newspaper.  But is there demand for a daily printed paper?  What do people really want?  What are they prepared to pay for?  Come… Read complete articleReminder – Town Hall meeting on Local News

Progress with Remuneration Ad Hoc Committee

On March 1st, the first meeting was held of the Ad Hoc committee charged with deciding on remuneration for Councillors and Police Board members in the next term of Council.  As Deputy Mayor John Henderson explains in the video below, there is no methodology mandated as to how this should be done so John decided to create an Ad Hoc Advisory committee for the purpose.  The idea was first put forward in September 2017 when it was realized that after tax pay would actually decrease if nothing was done.  This is because of the recent elimination of a tax break for a third of the “salary” which was classified as expenses.  But then the start of work was delayed because… Read complete articleProgress with Remuneration Ad Hoc Committee

Province Provides Grant to Cobourg for Downtown

Lou Rinaldi, MPP for Northumberland Quinte-West today announced that the Province will be “investing”  $40 million over three years in the Main Street Enhancement Fund.  Of this, $26M will be provided in 2018 for the Main Street Revitalization Initiative with $380,000 going to Lou’s Riding. Cobourg’s share is $52,509 while Port Hope gets $50,234 and Hamilton gets $45,312 (more detail in links below). These numbers are maximum amounts – no detail was provided on exactly what the conditions are for disbursement – presumably there will need to be a demonstration that the money was spent on relevant projects.  At the announcement, Mayor Gil Brocanier said that new initiatives on downtown vitalization will be coming.  Currently, work on downtown vitalization is… Read complete articleProvince Provides Grant to Cobourg for Downtown

ACO Concerned about Zoning Inconsistencies

When the progress to the current Strategic Plan was reviewed in June 2017, CAO Stephen Peacock said that “now that the Official Plan is approved, new Zoning bylaws are required and scheduled for 2017-18”.  At the Council meeting on March 12, Glenn McGlashon, Director of Planning said that a review of the Zoning by-law is currently being done and should be ready by the summer.  He said that the process would include public meetings.  His remarks were prompted by a presentation by Diane Chin, representative of the Architectural Conservancy Ontario (ACO), Cobourg Chapter.  Diane pointed out that a large number of properties officially considered Heritage are currently zoned R4 or R5 which permits use as multiple residences. You may remember… Read complete articleACO Concerned about Zoning Inconsistencies

PC Leadership Election Fiasco

Although the PC leadership race is not strictly a Cobourg issue, it is of interest to Cobourg citizens, so I’ll try to bring everyone up to date.  During the campaign, local PC candidate David Piccini supported Christine Elliott and said that a strong majority of PC members in the Riding also supported her. As the votes from Party membership were being counted last night, it emerged that there was a problem: the result was scheduled to be announced around 3:00pm but by 7:30 pm, everyone at the Convention was sent home with no result being announced.  The rumour on the floor was that Doug Ford had won.  At around 10:00pm, Doug Ford was declared the winner because “the conclusion of… Read complete articlePC Leadership Election Fiasco

New  Partnership for Mental Health

A significant number of calls for Police help often end up transporting an individual to the Hospital for “Mental Health” reasons.  One of the health goals of the Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN) is to help individuals remain in their communities and homes – that is, look after people before their problem reaches a crisis stage and before they need to go to a Hospital.  A new partnership between the OPP, Cobourg Police and community health providers will mean that people with mental health or addictive issues can get assistance sooner.  Funded by the LHIN and called M-HEART (Mental Health Engagement and Response Team), existing Mental Health Response Officers will be accompanied on ride-along with new… Read complete articleNew  Partnership for Mental Health