Cobourg Council Responds to Lake Level Flooding

The gallery at Cobourg Council was standing room only when Sarah Delicate of United Shoreline made her presentation to Council at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.  Sarah gave an excellent summary of the situation with the flooding on Lake Ontario where new rules for controlling lake levels have been put in place per the new Plan 2014. Introduced in 2017, this replaces Plan 1958DD which was in place from the 1950’s to 2016.   The key difference is that Lake Levels are now allowed to vary much more widely with a high level 30 cm (one foot) higher than previously.  Her full presentation is available at the link below but I will provide a summary.  MPP David Piccini was also… Read complete articleCobourg Council Responds to Lake Level Flooding

Cobourg Appoints Fourth Poet Laureate

At a special meeting today, Cobourg Council appointed a new Poet Laureate, Jessica Outram.  The appointment is effective immediately and expires 30 November 2022.  The first poet to hold this post was Eric Winter (1997 to 2009); he was followed by Jill Battson (2010 – 2011) with Ted Amsden the most recent “Official Town Poet” (2011 – 2018). Adam Bureau is the coordinator for Arts, Culture and Tourism so he moved the motion to appoint her based on the work done by the Poet Laureate Nominating Ad Hoc Committee: In addition to Adam, committee members were Tammy Robinson, CEO of the Cobourg Public Library; Olinda Casimiro, Executive Director of the Art Gallery of Northumberland, Marta Cooper Burt and James Pickersgill…. Read complete articleCobourg Appoints Fourth Poet Laureate

Cobourg Horticultural Society Awards Scholarship

On Saturday at the Five Corners garden, the Cobourg Horticultural Society awarded a $1000 scholarship to Thomas Burgess, a graduate at St. Mary’s high school. The $1000 value was an increase from previous awards of $750. Thomas was selected from 5 applicants who were all judged to be “good”. He had high marks and is planning to study for a degree of Conservation Biology at Trent University. He describes himself as interested in all things outdoors and has experience in farming, tree culture, and eco-system management in parks including Presqu’ile Provincial Park where he studied the flora and fauna of the park. Thomas wants to work as a research scientist doing field work in environmental studies and conservation investigating diverse biomes and ecosystems… Read complete articleCobourg Horticultural Society Awards Scholarship

Mock Emergency Exercise at Waterfront

On Saturday June 21, emergency services (Fire, Police and more) participated in an exercise to help prepare emergency responders on what to do. The intent was to simulate what might have to be done for an emergency on “one of the Town of Cobourg’s larger festival weekends, specifically the Canada Day long weekend, when the waterfront and downtown area typically play host to upwards of 40,000 people.“  A “missing child” emergency was simulated as well as a “mass casualty event” – a boat full of people in trouble out in the Lake.  I saw participation by lifeguards, the Cobourg Fire Department, the Trent Hills Fire Department, the Civil Air Rescue group from Niagara, an Ambulance, the OPP water Police and… Read complete articleMock Emergency Exercise at Waterfront

County Holds the Line on Tax Increase

County taxes for 2020 are a bigger problem than usual.  The Province has reduced the amount of money they plan to transfer to Municipalities and the County estimates that they will need to find an extra $1.4M in revenue because of that.  That would mean an additional 2.5% increase in the levy. Inflation for capital projects is best measured by the Non-residential Construction Price Index which is currently running at more than 5% – that is, higher than CPI (1.9% excluding gas).  So because of inflation, the total operating and capital budget would require a 2.8% increase in the levy. However, staff plan to find efficiencies of 1% so the planned net increase in the total budget (because of inflation)… Read complete articleCounty Holds the Line on Tax Increase

Birthday Party for Special Ladies

On Tuesday 18 June, Alma Draper with the help of Roma Colbert (and others), put on a party for ladies living in Northumberland County who were born in 1939 – 103 of them.  This was the year the second World War started and the year of the first visit by a reigning monarch. It’s the third celebration Alma has organized for this group – the first two were in 2009 and 2014.  Held at the Best Western with men strictly banned, the event was launched by Town Crier Mandy Robinson, MPP David Piccini gave every lady a rose, Councillor Nicole Beatty spoke briefly and MP Kim Rudd sent a congratulatory message. After the speeches there was a three course lunch… Read complete articleBirthday Party for Special Ladies

Cobourg Lakefront Properties being Damaged by Floods

Cobourg residents with properties fronting onto Lake Ontario are asking for the Town’s help with sandbags. Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin and Director of Works Laurie Wills have responded but so far the only help offered is “Unfortunately all we can do is provide the materials but not the labour.”  The official numbers for lake levels show that the lake level is at higher levels than in 2017 and has peaked – although it has not yet dropped.  The problem is that with high winds, the shoreline is getting damaged.  Some property owners are losing land and flooding is occurring at the Marina and along the West beach boardwalk.  Average levels only tell part of the story – winds cause levels… Read complete articleCobourg Lakefront Properties being Damaged by Floods

Scottish Weather for Scottish Festival

Despite the Mayor and the organizers trying to organize a sunny day, there was only brief sunshine and it was a cool day. However, despite everything, the rain held off.  That probably explained the somewhat smaller crowd but it didn’t stop the Scots from coming out to Cobourg’s 56th Highland Games – now called a Scottish Festival.  The massed bagpipe and drums bands thrilled anyone with any Scottish blood (see video below).  And there were lots of  Scottish dancers competing.  Admission was $20 – the same as last year – organizers have given up on “free” or donations. According to the program, there were 19 market vendors and 7 food vendors.  The program listed 19 competing bands as of May… Read complete articleScottish Weather for Scottish Festival