The Passing Scene: We the People

So, imagine this; for two terms you’ve been mayor of a (sort of) progressive small town on the shores of Lake Ontario, a town whose first mayor took office in 1837. But, since that mayor was inaugurated 181 years ago, it has only had one female mayor – which makes the word progressive, very questionable. But, be-that-as-it-may; it is now 2018 and, after two terms serving as mayor of this small town, you will be putting yourself out to pasture to enjoy some well deserved retirement years. But, before you do savour that moment – you just can’t resist taking one last kick at the can; writing to your chosen target, the Cobourg Tax Payers Association (CTPA) which has been… Read complete articleThe Passing Scene: We the People

Voting Starts in Cobourg

I voted today and my experience was positive although some problems voting by phone have already been reported (more under Links).  I’m reporting my experience in detail below so people know what to expect. Like any voting process, it has faults in the registering of who is eligible – the list is not perfect and to some extent relies on people not abusing the system by reporting errors or simply not voting twice when they receive two notices!  The basic list is generated by MPAC “principally based on property assessment data and the results of previous enumeration efforts”.  It seems that this is the principal source of errors and would apply to any technology used for voting.  One concern is… Read complete articleVoting Starts in Cobourg

All-Candidates “Speed Campaigning” event

On October 10 the Northumberland Central Chamber of Commerce held their All-Candidates meeting using their “Speed Campaigning” format which had proved successful in 2014. The idea was that citizens would be seated at 16 tables and one at a time the Candidates would join them for 6 minutes to answer questions. Nine candidates for Council, the two candidates for Deputy Mayor and three of the Candidates for English Public School trustee participated.  There were 16 tables and each table could accommodate 8 so capacity was 128.  All participants had to pre-register but in the end, there were 12 no-shows so many tables had only 7 voters.  Room rental at the Best Western was donated by the Cobourg Taxpayers Association when… Read complete articleAll-Candidates “Speed Campaigning” event

FSD Pharma Announces Restoration of Certo building

At a Press Conference on Tuesday Oct 9, Thomas Fairfull, President and CEO of FSD Pharma had a ribbon cutting ceremony as he announced the start of work on “converting the historic Certo building … into a heritage museum and on-site dispensary. The Certo building is an important part of Cobourg’s history and the Company intends to preserve this unique building.”  But they are seemingly not interested in local media, only “national media with media credentials” were invited – so the photo below was taken later in the day.  Mayor Brocanier and Mayor Elect John Henderson were at the ribbon cutting but MP Kim Rudd was not although she was invited.  The Certo building on the old Kraft property was… Read complete articleFSD Pharma Announces Restoration of Certo building

Cultural Plan Update

On June 25, 2018 Council decided to award a contract for $65,000 to consultant MDB Insight to prepare a Cultural Master Plan.  The first progress report on this was presented at Council’s meeting on October 1st. There were no decisions or recommendations – it was just about what had been done so far and where it was going.  Chris Elliott, Manager of Recreation and Culture, went through the objectives, community engagement (both input and messages to the community) and target audiences.  At least two public meetings and a survey are planned although there are no dates yet for those. The steering committee appears to be a good representation of Cobourg’s cultural community – hopefully they will point the consultant in the… Read complete articleCultural Plan Update

Cobourg to Hold Public Meeting on Cannabis Stores

With the legalization of recreational Cannabis in Canada, the Province has introduced legislation to allow privately owned retail stores to sell the product and to establish regulations on its sale and use.  That could potentially mean that there would be stores in Cobourg that would sell marijuana starting April 1, 2019.  After public consultation, the Province has decided to allow Municipalities to ban or regulate such stores with a decision on this required by January 22, 2019.  Brent Larmer, Cobourg’s Municipal Clerk, has recommended a meeting to consult with the public and will then report to the new Council before the due date.  At their meeting on October 1st, Council agreed with this proposal (without any discussion), although no date… Read complete articleCobourg to Hold Public Meeting on Cannabis Stores

Gil Brocanier Gives Advice in Farewell Speech

At his final Council meeting, Mayor Gil Brocanier gave a farewell speech which included advice to the incoming Council – and he pulled no punches.  The opportunity was his Economic Development Coordinator report which is scheduled at the end of every regular Council meeting.  As his last report, he said that he and John Henderson, together with Manufacturing Attraction Specialist T.J. Flynn, are being sent on an all expenses paid trip to China by William Academy from October 10 to 18.  As well as being at a twinning with a city just outside Beijing and the setting up of a Hockey training centre like the CCC, they will pursue “business opportunities”.  Gil then thanked Councillors and Staff for helping achieve… Read complete articleGil Brocanier Gives Advice in Farewell Speech

Police Report – October 2018

On Tuesday morning at the DBIA Board meeting, Deputy Chief Paul VandeGraaf addressed some concerns about a rash of break-ins in the Downtown Area.  Since the beginning of August, 12 of 14 break and enter incidents in the Town of Cobourg  occurred downtown.  This can be seen graphically in their crime-plot web page  – see link below.  And on Monday at the Council Meeting, Police Chief Kai Liu presented his Plan for the next three years.  Although described as a Business Plan, there is no financial report but it does include some limited statistics and a lot of detail on the direction and focus.  Also included are the results of a survey of residents indicating what we thought of the… Read complete articlePolice Report – October 2018