This page discusses how comments are managed on this site.

What pages have comments

New comments are enabled for news items for the current year for 90 days.  Old comments will not be deleted.

How to Comment

Under the heading “Leave a Reply”, click in the box where it says “Start the Discussion”.  Or click on reply under a specific comment. Enter your comment then be sure to enter a name and your email address. The email address is not published but must be provided. It is used for the notify feature and for the rare occasion that a moderator communicates with commenters. If you are not logged in, click the ReCaptcha box.

Comment moderating

Comments that include slander (or is it libel?), spam or hate messages will be deleted. Spam includes any attempts to sell products or services or soliciting votes in an election. Slander includes any personal attacks. For example, don’t call someone a liar or a racist. Most attempts at spam are automatically deleted – others will be manually deleted.  This is not a forum for back and forth criticism of individuals.

Comments should be related to the subject of the post or to the previous comment. Unrelated comments will be deleted (unfortunately, this is sometimes a grey area, as is slander).

Your name should be unique – don’t use “anonymous”, “anon” or similar or any other name already used. If you bypass these requirements, your comment will be deleted.  Many blogs require 100% registration – the only thing I ask is that you identify yourself – is that so hard? Once a name is chosen, continue to use that. If you pretend to be two (or more) different people, your name may be edited and you risk being banned – it will also help you with repeated comments if you use the same name.

Your Email must be real (that is, it must work and be valid) – if not your comment will be deleted and you will be banned from further comments.  If you email me (this means you would be using a valid email), I will likely “un-ban” you.

Comment Rules and Features

  • Comments are limited to 2500 characters.   After 200 words, comments will include a read more tag to see the rest of the comment.
  • You may edit your comment for up to 3 hours.
  • If you do not wish to comment but would like to have a say, click one of the voting buttons under each comment to approve or not.
  • New comments are disabled after 90 days.

Comment Subscriptions

Because of abuse by a spammer, this feature has been disabled.


If you suddenly cannot get access to the site at all, chances are that you have been inadvertently locked out. There are a number of reasons this can happen – blame it on an over-zealous anti-spammer/hacker program. If this happens, you can wait a couple of months to be automatically unblocked or contact me and I will unblock you.

Occasionally, your comment will be accepted but not published. Generally I can and will manually authorize your comment. The symptom of this is a delay in becoming visible.  The most common reason for this is that you included more than one link (URL) but there are other less obvious reasons.

Note that because spammers are aggressive, counter-measures must also be aggressive – so don’t be surprised if you occasionally get mistaken for a spammer – or if you are a spammer, that you got blocked.  So far, about 950,000 spam comments have been blocked compared to 9,300 legitimate comments that were allowed.


One of the tools used to stop spam on comments is the ReCaptcha service provided by Google.  Most users will see a checkbox that you check to continue.  If you are considered of moderate or poor reputation (perhaps just on one occasion), you’ll get a collection of images to match.  If you have a problem passing the test, be aware of the following;

  • Make sure your browser is up to date – old browsers will more likely have a problem.  Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc are all OK – just be sure to have the latest version, or at least a recent version.  If you are using Internet Explorer, be sure you are not using compatibility mode.
  • Do not disable cookies – if you have banned cookies or have recently cleared them, your “reputation” may be questioned. If you don’t know what cookies are, it’s 99.9% likely these are enabled.
  • Do not disable Javascript – it’s needed to function.  If you don’t know what this is, it’s 99.9% likely to be enabled.
  • Your email address is irrelevant
  • Your IP address (your computer electronic address) IS relevant – maybe someone else using the Internet in your house has a bad reputation.