Few Citizen Submissions for Cobourg 2018 budget

In October 2016, Citizens were very interested in providing input to the 2017 budget – not so much this year.  At this year’s event held this afternoon, there were only three submissions submitted in advance and two from the small audience – by the Cobourg Taxpayers association (CTA).  None asked for any significant funds.  Andrew Tutor (Chaplain) asked for a spruce up of the Old Bailey; the Cobourg and District Dog owners Group (CADDOG) asked for upgrades to the Dog Park; Ted Williams asked that a reserve fund be conducted for the Marina (and campground); and CTA President Lydia Smith wanted to highlight some budget trends.  None referenced the wish list submitted by staff on 12 October which was the… Read complete articleFew Citizen Submissions for Cobourg 2018 budget

A Community in the Forest

You have to agree that the goals of the Urban Forestry Master Plan will make Cobourg an even more wonderful place to live – even if it takes a while to get there. Who wouldn’t want to live in “a Community in the Forest”?  I’m certainly sold on that. See the full list of goals below – it’s called a Vision. According to Cobourg’s Arborist Rory Quigley, the plan will pull together all the relevant activity so it’s cohesive. It will be a guide to future direction. On April 26, a public meeting followed by a survey got input from residents and stakeholders and the results are documented in the notes (see links below). Vision: Cobourg will be a Community in the Forest Recognized,… Read complete articleA Community in the Forest