CTA Open House

The Cobourg Taxpayers Association had their Open House this afternoon in the Trinity United Church hall.  It was well attended with most if not all councillors in attendance as well as a couple of Candidates for Council and a good number of citizens  The CTA asked everyone to use green or red dots to agree (or not) with several hot questions.  The only one where Council seemed to agree with the CTA was on the subject of Council Pay which was partially resolved on Monday when Council reversed course and gave Councillors a significant raise.  Paul Pagnuelo of the CTA made the case for an increase at a delegation to Council and when Councillor Debra McCarthy made the case for… Read complete articleCTA Open House

Opinion: Thoughts on Final Words

“There was a moment, sitting beside the bed of a dear friend who was dying in hospital, when I realized I was witnessing such a human experience. I knew that the more I explored what all this meant, the more I would start to understand how death informs us about life. Following his death, as I watched the funeral directors handle his body, wheeling him to their waiting vehicle, it became clear to me I was being denied a chance to say goodbye to my friend in a humane and needed way. At the door of the hospital they said, ‘That’s as far as you go, we’ll take it from here.’ There has to be a better way.” From that… Read complete articleOpinion: Thoughts on Final Words