Hector Macmillan has died

He will always be remembered for his epic battle against pancreatic cancer – but he should also be remembered for his dedication to his role as Mayor of Trent Hills and his work on County Council.  Last year, Hector was told he could not have a potentially life saving treatment so he went to Germany for it.  He then campaigned to make it available to others in Ontario and he succeeded.  As Mayor and two time Warden, his big successes were the agreement to go ahead with a second bridge in Campbellford and the Campbellford Business Park. As Mayor he was pro-business but also put a priority on improving parks and recreation facilities, encouraged housing options and provided an efficient and up to date fire service. In the County, he worked on Northumberland’s recycling program  and helped with the successful bid to host the first ever inter-municipal set of Parasport Games.

Both Trent Hills and the County have issued Press releases (see links below) but as the Press Release from Trent Hills puts it:

Hector was larger than life when advocating for the municipality and the best interests of its citizens. Being Mayor of Trent Hills was his passion and his calling.

Fight for better Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Hector Macmillan
Hector Macmillan

Recently Hector took up the fight to bring the cancer treatment procedure, Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) to Canada. After travelling to Germany to receive this treatment, Hector made it his mission to ensure that all pancreatic cancer patients have the same opportunity and access to this life extending technology. As a direct result of his efforts, the Province of Ontario recently announced that a three year clinical trial of this procedure would begin this fall in Toronto [Per Trent Hills Press Release]

This fight was very public and received extensive coverage in both local and Toronto newspapers.  He was originally told he would be gone by Christmas 2016 but he died Tuesday morning, October 10, at the age of 59.

Hector was also very open about everything.  His personal web site: https://hectormacmillan.com/  includes information about his priorities, his record and his health.

The Trent Hills Press Release says that “Flags at Municipal buildings will be lowered to half-mast in honour of Mayor Hector Macmillan and a Book of Condolences is available at the Trent Hills Municipal Office. Funeral service arrangements will be forthcoming.”

It won’t be just the people of Trent Hills who miss him; it will be everyone who had any contact with him. I join others with my condolences to Hector’s wife Sandy and their family.