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In asking leading “hot” questions of candidates, it seemed best to not be too limiting so the seventh question was open: Are there any other issues you want to address?  This provided an opportunity to mention anything else that they wanted to fix or that had been brought to their attention by their campaign.  I don’t know if all candidates are planning to knock on every door in Cobourg, but I know many are.  It’s acknowledged as the best way to get themselves known.  In doing so, they would hear what people are concerned about.  One issue mentioned by several candidates is the need for affordable housing – but this has been the subject of an all-candidates meeting (see link below).

Marijuana growing
Marijuana growing – from Cannabis Wheaton’s web site

Not all the candidates wanted to respond to this open question – John Henderson and Brian Darling no doubt felt that the first six questions were enough.  Karl vom Dorff had a long list but in the interest of keeping his response short, he instead referred to his web site.

An issue mentioned by one Candidate but that I’ve heard being asked is: “what will the Town do about the upcoming legalization of cannabis?”  This will be the subject of a Council discussion at the upcoming Council meeting on October 1st – Councils are allowed to regulate where marijuana stores are located in the Town and must submit their intent by 22 January 2019.  Although staff will report on this, the new Council must decide.  This is not connected with the fact that we have a potentially large Cannabis factory in Cobourg.


John Henderson (acclaimed) No response to this question.

Deputy Mayor

Randy Curtis Cobourg is a wonderful community, which the new council can make better by open communication and consultation with all residents of the town. Prudent financial management and innovative ideas to generate revenue without increasing the property tax will allow council to invest in building and maintaining our infrastructure and services for the citizens of Cobourg. 
Suzanne Séguin

Managed growth for Cobourg and launching a Small Business Resource to keep our businesses here and profitable.


Nicole Beatty

The social sustainability and vitality of Cobourg and its residents are of utmost importance to me.  With an aging population and another part of the community that cannot afford to live or eat, I, as Councillor, will initiate a framework and terms of reference for a Social Planning Advisory Council to ensure issues such as affordable housing, employment equality and food security are included in Cobourg’s Strategic Plan. [Abbreviated]

Aaron Burchat

The low vacancy rate and affordable housing is another issue where I know Council can play a role in closing the gap. I would support initiatives that help these issues. Whether it’s a zoning amendment, collaboration with the County or partnership with community organizations. I know Cobourg can continue to play a role and increase its support.

Adam Bureau

One issue I would like to address is that we require extra by-law enforcement for the beach in the summer. Tourists come to the beach throughout the week and on the weekends and leave behind their garbage on the beach and also BBQ which is prohibited.  It has become so that the locals cannot enjoy their own beach but have to pay for it to be cleaned up, which is unfair. We need more by-law officers issuing tickets to tourists that disrespect our beach.

Emily Chorley

We need a citizen-centred Council that meets people’s needs: notifying residents of public works that affect them; addressing affordable housing by advising homeowners on how to create legal second suites; and encouraging greater youth participation by establishing an annual Model Youth Council.

Brian Darling No response to this question.
Karl Vom Dorff Please visit for other issues
Travis Hoover I’m concerned that the media doesn’t consider the current state (lack of) of affordable housing and rent geared to income housing for seniors to be a top issue.  We must work with community, provincial, federal partners and developers to do whatever we can as a council to aid in the development and construction of more affordable housing and rent geared to income housing for seniors and providing solutions for homelessness. 
Miriam Mutton

I have heard from citizens of Cobourg their concern about too many big noisy events held in Victoria Park.  Is it time Cobourg created a fairground?

Johnny Percolides There are a number of issues, for example what is the Town doing to be proactive in preparation of the legalisation of Marijuana in October? Why is the CCC still losing so much money? Why is the Town not adding traffic signals in some areas that really need them for the public’s safety? Feel free to contact me directly to let me know if you agree or disagree.   

Note: Candidates are listed in last name alphabetical order. Answers that were longer than about 40 words have been abbreviated (the limit was an average of 40 words per response). Some are still longer than that but are hard to shorten. The result is that this post is longer than I’d like. Be aware that most (but not all) candidates worked hard to keep their answers short.

This post completes the series reporting on answers by candidates to key questions.


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wilf loewrigkeit
5 years ago

I applaud Mrs Seguin to propose a “pay for play” concept for our non-resident beach users. Why not? Most publicly owned parks (i.e. Provincial, Conservation areas and the like) issue “day passes” for such privilege. For as long as I can remember, many foreign jurisdictions are also known for charging to defray the costs to maintain these facilities. Finally! This is one of the better proposals I have heard in this campaign.

5 years ago

Hmmmm, I like Ms Mutton’s idea. I know of a few soccer fields that would make fine fairgrounds.

5 years ago

No doubt Henderson and Darling think “first 6 questions is enough” as they are not in favour of Q&A. Are we (the public) only allowed 6 Qs! I feel a ‘Gill’ coming on. Why not 66 Qs? Until this election is a done there should be many questions; if they don’t have the answer – fine or won’t answer – also fine as it is totally up to them. The candidates are allowed to express opinions without the fear/concern that they are attempting to establish policy.

5 years ago

Pretty hard for the No r=Responders to comment when they have previously taken a stance and made their positions known

Mrs Jenkins
Reply to  perplexed
5 years ago

l think a youth council is a very sound idea – also lets change Affordable housing to “geared to income” far less stigma On another note – l have had two would be councillors call on me – Carl VanDorff – in a wheelchair wheeling up and down the street with this “what would you as a citizen like to see council enact” he didnt tell – he asked — good thinking – l am so impressed with the fortitude of this learned young man

Ken Strauss
Reply to  Mrs Jenkins
5 years ago

Referring people to his website at rather than trying to cram an answer into 40 words is also a great idea.