A Bat in Council Chambers

There was some light relief in Council chambers tonight when a bat appeared towards the end of the Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting. It proceeded to fly around and completely disrupted the meeting.  It first appeared when Nicole Beatty was making an amendment to a motion and when she saw the bat, she briefly screamed.  She later admitted she was afraid of flying things but while the drama played out, she kept low and sheltered.  Mayor John Henderson wisely recessed the meeting pending a resolution.  Men with jackets then used them to try and capture the bat plus a resourceful councillor found a blanket. Finally, they managed to shoo it into the committee room (see short Video below).  With the doors closed to that room, the problem was resolved for the time being and the meeting resumed.  Security was called but it’s not known what happened to the bat.

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If hair is the issue seems the Mayor is the only one in jeopardy, jes sayin.

Merry Mary

I am surprised that no one has mentioned that, for the Bat, the issue is the Belfry.

Wally Keeler

It appears that making a room bat-free is men’s work.

Tom Holden

It was on CFTO (CTV Toronto) last night.

Bill Prawecki

Too funny …. on cp24 this morning …… watched the meeting online and saw the moment that it swooped down on Councillor Beatty ….. quite the scene …. certainly picked up the momentum of the meeting


She said that it was thinking her hair was like a nest, was funny but I would also be screaming.

Former Country resident

Best (and friendliest way to remove a bat – turn off all the lights inside, open a window with a light on outside… The bat will usually fly out the open window where the light is.

Wally Keeler
Mrs Bigley

ya but think of all the drama we would have missed