Police Launch Online Reporting System

On the 4th of March, Cobourg Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf had an open house where he answered citizens’ questions (see link below) and in response to a request for “e-reporting”, the Cobourg Police web site now has an Online Reporting Portal.  Intended for non-urgent minor crimes, it allows citizens to report crimes like bullying, damage to property, lost property, thefts from vehicles, theft of gas, theft under $5000 and traffic complaints – there’s more detail below.  If it’s an emergency, call 911; or if you witnessed who did the crime (you know who the “suspect” is), then call the Police directly at 905-372-6821.  Motor vehicle accidents are not included – they should continue to be reported to the Collision Reporting Centre located at the Cobourg Police Station on King Street.  Stolen vehicles are also not considered a minor crime.

Crimes that can be Reported Online

Incident Type Definition Examples
Bullying Repeated, persistent and aggressive behavior intended to cause fear, distress, or harm to another person’s body, emotions, self-esteem or reputation. This includes but not limited to: Verbal, physical, social and cyber-bullying Bullying
Damage/Mischief to Property The act of vandalizing or defacing property without the owner’s consent. Graffiti, broken lawn ornaments, throwing a rock through a window, etc.
Damage/Mischief to Vehicle The act of vandalizing or defacing a vehicle. If your vehicle was damaged and items were stolen, please choose incident type “Theft from Vehicle”. Keying, broken windows, slashing tires, vehicle ransacked, etc.
Lost Property When property is missing or lost. Property that is missing, leaving items in restaurant, lost cell phone, etc.
Theft from Vehicle Property is taken from a vehicle without the owner’s permission. Stereo, personal items, laptop, etc. taken from a vehicle without the owner’s permission.
Theft of Gas When gasoline is taken without payment. Someone takes gasoline without paying for it. NOTE: This is for gas stations only.
Theft Under $5,000 Property other than a vehicle is taken without your permission. Something that you own is taken without the owner’s consent. Stolen vehicles cannot be reported online. This includes cars, trucks, atv’s, snowmachines, trailers and road building machines.
Traffic Complaint This program is a community driven program which encourages reporting of incidents involving dangerous and or aggressive driving. A dangerous or aggressive driver should never be approached or confronted by a citizen. Traffic Complaint reports could include:
• Excessive speed
• Aggressive driving
• Careless / Dangerous driving
• Stop sign or red light violations
• Unsafe passing
• Following too closely
• Fail to yield to pedestrian
• School bus violations
• Distracted driver (failure to use hands-free device)
• Community safety zone violations

You can still report by phone but because it’s a low-level crime, it’s deemed low priority so you may have to wait before an officer is able to respond to take a report.  Police feel that by providing an online reporting portal, these incidents are more likely to be reported. Chief Paul VandeGraaf said that “Even if a crime is classified as low priority, the incidents are important. These reports can help us identify crime trends and react appropriately, helping us make the community a safer place for everyone.”

To access the Portal, go to the Cobourg police web site here or access the Portal directly here.


Coffee with the Police Chief – 5 March 2020

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3 years ago

In John Drapers Summary of Crimes that can be Reported Online, the grass area destruction of the Marina Area Lot (not the Marina Lot) would come under “Damage/Mischief to Property”, described as; “The act of Vandalising or defacing property without the owner’s consent” The property belongs to the Town of Cobourg.

What has happened over the last three years to turn a beautiful green space into a playground for pick up trucks—morning, noon and night? Negligence perhaps?

Lynn Lynn
3 years ago

I noticed I have 7 thumbs up on my comment from this morning. I would be so interested if you would share your feelings and comments regarding this situation . Thank you in advance

Merry Mary
Reply to  Lynn Lynn
3 years ago

Lynn Lynn: It’s only that there is full agreement of all of your key points and of your cited locations for these happenings. I could not have written it any better. Saturday was an eye opener. Then there was the noted addition of all of the horrendously loud motorcycles to contribute to the discomfort.

3 years ago

In the few years, The Marina Parking Area and Lot has become a nightmare for residents! Despite repeated calls, nothing has been done to police the area at night. Why will this portal make a difference? Now we have to decide what constitutes a low level crime?

Reply to  Waterwatcher
3 years ago

But hey, look at all the more time they will have for photo opps and feel good media releases.

Merry Mary
Reply to  Waterwatcher
3 years ago

Here we go again. May, June, July, August and September. The next five months in Cobourg will certainly be even more obnoxious…

3 years ago

Under Traffic Complaints – Ultimately would you require a picture of a vehicle which includes the license plate of a vehicle following too closely? Most annoying – almost every venture out along 45 you get some jerk – often in a pick up truck riding your rear bumper should you e-report? Although there I guess it is OPP. Wish they would patrol more for dumpster divers around property in town.

Just Wondering
Reply to  Observer
3 years ago

The police can only have a discussion with the owner of the vehicle involved in a traffic complaint. If they didn’t see it happen, they can’t lay any charges. Not sure what happens locally, but in Toronto if you can identify the driver and are prepared to go to court to testify, the police will lay charges.

Lynn Lynn
Reply to  Just Wondering
3 years ago

The last week since the weather got a bit better and people are realizing the quarantine may be for a long time yet there is an element that has stopped distancing.
The marina parking lot has become a great place to collect.
I’m confused as to why the parking spaces aren’t used as much as the grass area?
However come evening it becomes party central and a racetrack that goes on for hours.
This has gone back like it was before the virus at which time the police were called regularly and nothing was done at that time.
This involves a section of Third St. From the marina parking lot to Legion Village
Not sure if this follows under traffic, law breaking under virus lockdown, property damage (using the grasses area for speed track) or bullying for the nightly carrying on