Young Entrepreneur at Beach Booth

Rachel Lalonde operates the Surfside Tuck Shop at Cobourg beach and so far is doing well.  Her business sells beach toys, candies, mats, souvenirs etc and is helped by a couple of programs.  One is the Youth Entrepreneur Partnership Program run by the Town and their help is primarily free rental of the booth.  There are two booths at the beach, the other is run by the Town and rents out bicycles (more at links below).  The other program is called Summer Company and is run by the county and funded by the Province. It provides startup money of up to $3,000 and mentorship for full-time high school, college or university students, aged 15-29 years of age.  Rachel is going into… Read complete articleYoung Entrepreneur at Beach Booth

Cobourg’s Cannabis Facility needs a lot of Hydro

A press release today provided some more information on Cobourg’s Cannabis factory.  The operating  company is FV Pharma but it is getting $55M of finance from Auxly Cannabis Group – formerly called Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. (they get paid by getting 49.9% of the output) – so it’s really a joint venture.  FV Pharma still plans to be the “largest hydroponic indoor cannabis facility in the world” and in May they named  Belleville based Cornerstone Builders Ltd as the construction contractor for the first phase. They still expect the “first phase of construction to be complete and ready for Health Canada approval by the end of December 2018”.  But they also announced some changes: the facility will now include “a research… Read complete articleCobourg’s Cannabis Facility needs a lot of Hydro

Cobourg launches Start Here program

With the slogan “Cobourg has it all but welcomes more”, the Downtown Coalition launched its marketing campaign to sell the merits of opening a business Downtown.  Funded partly by the Province, it was initiated as part of the Downtown Vitalization Program and called the Business Attraction Marketing Plan (see link below).  Cooperating in the plan are the DBIA, the Town’s Economic Development Department and the Chamber of Commerce. The program includes a new website (, many videos and a facelift for several stores using window wraps – starting with the empty “Sarby’s” opposite Victoria Hall.  There will also be a social media campaign. The announcement of the launch started today in the Old Bailey courtroom and moved to King street where… Read complete articleCobourg launches Start Here program

The Passing Scene: Oh, Timmy

Amazingly, I can see it as though it happened yesterday – rather than 54 years ago. Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens. I’m in goal (I kid you not). The likes of Stanley Cup winners Frank Mahovlich, Davie Keon, Tim Horton, Eddie Shack firing pucks at me. As I left the ice, Tim Horton skated past, tapped me on my rear end with his stick and said, “Great shut-out.” Ahh, memories. I mean, Tim Horton. One of the foremost defencemen in the National Hockey League, one of the greatest 100 NHL players of all time, future member of he Hockey Hall of Fame. Yes, a memorable moment – but, 44 years after his death, who remembers Tim Horton, over the years gradually… Read complete articleThe Passing Scene: Oh, Timmy

Solar Panels at Venture 13 Explained

At the Venture 13 grand opening on May 17, 2018, Dereck Paul, President & CEO of Lakefront Utility Services Inc (LUSI) announced that Solar panels would be installed on the roof of the Venture 13 building and would save approx. a third of its hydro costs.  At  last week’s council meeting he presented additional information.  A key thing is that it’s not just LUSI involved but a consortium of LUSI, Veridian and Solera.  And LUSI does not distribute Hydro – that’s a sister company: Lakefront Utilities Inc.  The mandate of LUSI includes providing broadband to business as they will do for Venture 13, to manage the water supply for 4 municipalities and to expand their business (see the full presentation… Read complete articleSolar Panels at Venture 13 Explained

Cannabis Facility Chooses Construction Contractor

As previously reported, private company FV Pharma has bought the old Kraft Factory and plans to use it to supply the Cannabis Market in Canada.  Initially the market is for medical purposes but legislation to allow recreational marijuana is working its way through the Senate and should be approved in the summer.  The main financing for FV Pharma is provided by public company Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp and on May 15 they announced an update on their “Joint Venture” with FV Pharma.  A builder has now been chosen and a schedule for construction announced.  They also make a point of thanking the “support received and active involvement of the local municipality of Cobourg”.  Help to ensure this building is used… Read complete articleCannabis Facility Chooses Construction Contractor

William Academy Opening this Fall

When CDCI West closed, the building was put up for sale and it was bought by Jeff Weng who operates William Academy in Scarborough and will open a second Campus in this building in September.  He plans to have 50 students to start – 30 international and 20 local.  To encourage local students, he is offering 20 scholarships which will cover students as long as they stay at the school.  To start it will be primarily grades 11 & 12 but will accept from grades 9 to 12. The idea is that both international and local students will benefit from mixing with each other.  Jeff already operates the successful Scarborough campus but both he and the students like Cobourg so… Read complete articleWilliam Academy Opening this Fall

Venture 13 Grand Opening

The new centre for innovation and technology entrepreneurs had its grand opening on Thursday.  All councillors were there with Mayor Brocanier acting as MC.  MP Kim Rudd, MPP Lou Rinaldi, Police Chief Kai Liu were there as well as project prime movers CFDC executive director Wendy Curtis and CAO Stephen Peacock.  The idea for the project was first aired at Council in May 2017 but funding from the Federal Government and Fleming College helped get the project going with tenders let in December 2017.  The second floor will be occupied by the Cobourg Police Business Services unit that is planning to expand and will fully fund their portion.  The speeches were kicked off by a video from Hon Navdeep Bains,… Read complete articleVenture 13 Grand Opening