Cobourg Entertainment in Covid-19 era

There has of course been a lot of talk about the Beach and Restaurants but it’s not only commercial life that has been affected but also entertainment and social activities.  The Cobourg Community Centre and other Arenas are closed so there is no Hockey or LaCrosse or even Curling.  You can golf if you follow the rules and you can now play tennis but contact sports like Rugby are not allowed.  The Loft and Rainbow theatre have been closed for months and there have been no Concerts at Victoria Hall or Port Hope’s Capitol.  Outdoor events like the Waterfront Festival, the Highland Games and Rib Fest have all been cancelled.  But let me look at each Sector in more detail… Read complete articleCobourg Entertainment in Covid-19 era

Town is Helping Restaurants Set Up Patios

The Town of Cobourg today hosted a virtual seminar for Restaurant owners to discuss the newly allowed Patios.  Starting June 12, although dining in is not allowed, restaurants will be allowed to serve meals and drinks to patios – in some cases patios will be new and for others they will be existing or an expansion.  In all cases, social distancing will be required with rules on table spacing.  All relevant departments were on the Zoom call:  Planning, Building, Fire, Works and Clerks departments as well as representatives from AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission) and HKPR DHU (Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit). I counted about 6 businesses although Town Clerk Brent Larmer said that there had already been… Read complete articleTown is Helping Restaurants Set Up Patios

Council Debates Re-opening

On Monday, Premier Ford announced stage 2 re-opening for the region that includes Cobourg (see previous post) and on Monday night there was also a Council meeting.  Mayor John Henderson made it clear that he was not ready to act on the changes because the Provincial “regulations” had not yet been issued although they were expected within 48 hours.  But there were decisions to be made as requested by Community Services.  These included re-opening the Trailer Park (now called a campground), opening the Centennial Pool, allowing transient boaters and more.  But in the end, decisions were made plus Adam Bureau proposed encouraging restaurants to provide patio service in line with Provincial direction. It was clear however, that the ECG (Emergency… Read complete articleCouncil Debates Re-opening

Province Opens Up – Partially

Today, Premier Ford announced that starting this Friday, June 12, the Province will loosen Covid-19 restrictions. Social gatherings of 10 are now permitted instead of 5 and now allowed to open will be Churches (subject to limits) restaurants (outdoor patios only), hair salons (subject to limits), swimming pools and more (details below).  But this does not apply to all of Ontario; a notable exception is the GTA plus a few other locations.  The HKPR District Health Unit which includes Cobourg is included in the loosened rules.  In all cases physical distancing apply. This is in line with the Province’s plan to move to Stage 2 on a regional basis (see link below for a description of Stage 2). As we’ve… Read complete articleProvince Opens Up – Partially

FSD Pharma scales down Cannabis cultivation

As announced in April, FSD Pharma is selling their Cobourg building and Bloomberg reports that that part of the business (cannabis cultivation) has been scaled down to a bare minimum. Instead, the company will “double down on our biosciences and specialty R&D pharmaceutical efforts”.  In line with this, on June 3 they announced that they had received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to design a proof-of-concept study for a potential Covid-19 treatment.  But this drug does not involve any sort of cannabis-derived compound which implies that growing marijuana plants is no longer where they see their future.  It looks like Cobourg’s hope that they would provide large employment opportunities has gone.  Perhaps a new owner of the building will… Read complete articleFSD Pharma scales down Cannabis cultivation

Council Debates By-Law Enforcing Social Distancing

At a council meeting on April 27, a bylaw was introduced to increase enforcement of social distancing required for management of the Covid-19 pandemic in Cobourg.  But Adam Bureau moved that the By-Law be “tabled”.  His motion passed and the possible by-law was killed, at least for the time being.  But at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday June 1st, Aaron Burchat moved that this bylaw be “removed from the table” (resurrected!) and be put to a vote.  In a recorded vote, his motion passed 4-3 with Councillors Adam Bureau, Emily Chorley and Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin against.  But after extensive discussion, approval (or not) of the by-law was deferred to the June 22nd Committee of the Whole… Read complete articleCouncil Debates By-Law Enforcing Social Distancing

NHH Implements Virtual Visits

Visitors have been banned at Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) now for some time and although seemingly effective in fighting the pandemic it causes a lot of heartache for loved ones as well as those stuck in a hospital bed.  But if people in offices and at home can have virtual contact with others, why not in the Hospital?  It started as a trial with 50 participants but will now expand to all inpatients thanks to the donation of eight ipads by Grafton & Community Sports and Events Committee and an anonymous couple.  The technology used is Microsoft Teams and if you need help setting up your computer a member of NHH’s Virtual Visiting Team will be happy to work through… Read complete articleNHH Implements Virtual Visits

Police and CTA Disagree on Beach opening

Last Friday, the Town of Cobourg announced that Parks and Beaches would be opened up for normal activities except for organized sports. Social distancing requirements and limits on groups larger than five would still be required.  It was not a council decision but was authorized by the Mayor.  Since then, we have had one weekend with only a few people on the beach with citizens and (presumably) visitors following the rules.  In fact in a Press Release, Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf thanked citizens for their good behaviour and provided photos as backup (see below).  But many do not agree with the decision and the Cobourg Tax Payers Association (CTA) have started an online petition asking for the beach to be… Read complete articlePolice and CTA Disagree on Beach opening