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In the middle of this Covid-19 crisis, there has been continual talk of the performance of Federal and Provincial politicians with particular speculation about the possibility of a Federal election because of the minority Government.  The current Federal MP for Northumberland Peterborough South (NPS) is Conservative Philip Lawrence and if a federal election were to be held, many have assumed that he would be running against the previous incumbent, Liberal Kim Rudd.  But today, Kim announced that because of health reasons, she would not be running again.  Given the possibility of an election at any time, that means the Liberal Party will need to find a candidate quickly.  Kim’s announcement today did not discuss who might run in her place – she focused on her achievements and how she had enjoyed the job.

Kim’s announcement:

During her term in office, Ms. Rudd was able to successfully advocate for this riding and brought millions of dollars in support to NPS, particularly in the area of economic development. Ms. Rudd could always be seen attending multiple functions and meetings around the riding doing what she loved— engaging with people.

During her time in office she was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources by Prime Minister Trudeau. In this role, Ms. Rudd proudly represented Canada both nationally and internationally. She also served on the Standing Committee on Finance.

Kim Rudd
Kim Rudd

Ms. Rudd was a strong voice on a number of issues ranging from Medical Assistance in Dying to supports for small businesses and rural infrastructure. As an entrepreneur and life-long advocate for our communities, Ms. Rudd continued that work post the 2019 election supporting individuals, organizations and companies.
Ms. Rudd earned both the respect and support of her colleagues and her constituents. File photo at right.

She has always deeply cared for the riding she has lived in for over forty years. Ms. Rudd has made the difficult decision not to run in the next election and she will always be extremely grateful for the support she received from so many people during her time as Member of Parliament.

“While I absolutely loved my role as your Member of Parliament and am very proud of the work I and my team did for those four years and beyond, sometimes life throws curve balls and mine is no exception. I was diagnosed with cancer last year and while I feel great and have no intention of slowing down, I have re-evaluated my priorities and like I expect for each and every one of you, it is all about my time with my family. I want to thank all of the amazing people I have met along the way, those who have supported me not only professionally and politically, but personally. Thank you just seems like such an inadequate word.

I look forward to seeing all of you on the campaign trail whenever the next election is called supporting our next Liberal MP for the great riding of Northumberland Peterborough South.

Rest assured I will continue to represent and support our communities and residents in whatever way I can.” – Kim Rudd, Former Member of Parliament for Northumberland-Peterborough South

Note that this announcement is not related to Nicole Beatty’s announcement.

Special Note: Please keep comments on this article on the subject of Kim Rudd, her role in NPS and local politics and not on Justin Trudeau.  This blog is, after all, Cobourg News Blog.


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Update 29 April

Alison Lester

Also announced on 28 April was the following:
Alison Lester has been acclaimed as the Liberal Candidate for Northumberland-Peterborough South in the next federal election.

Alison is a Cobourg Lawyer.

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HC Murphy
2 years ago

Sorry to hear Kim Rudd’s sad news. She will be missed by her many supporters in Cobourg, the next Fed. Liberal candidate has big shoes to fill. Wish you well Kim and thanks for all you did for Cobourg.

Beach walker
2 years ago

I have missed seeing Kim out in Cobourg. She always had a smile and a wave. I wish her well and hope she knows she is loved and missed.

Elaine C
2 years ago

So sorry to hear about Kim Rudd’s really sad news, she was a great MP and did Cobourg proud. Thank you Kim for all your hard work and care.

2 years ago

Ms. Rudd was part of the ‘red wave’ which swept the country in 2015, but, what she accomplished in that election locally that is both significant and lasting. The local Liberal Party had only 21% support in our Riding in 2011. With candidate Rudd on the ticket, that more than doubled in 2015 and was enough to win the seat. An analysis of the individual polls show that she dominated in Cobourg and the lesson to all of us should be that our town alone can have significant impact on the election results of this riding, if we come together.
Whoever assumes the role of next Liberal nominee is taking over a party with almost 40% support and most of that according to 2019 results coming from Cobourg and vicinity. They will have Ms. Rudd to thank for that.