Other News Sources

You should know that Cobourg News Blog does not cover all the news in Cobourg and certainly not the rest of Northumberland.  Go to the About Page here for a description of “Topics Covered”.  

However, below is a list of web sites that help fill the gap.  Most of them cover all of Northumberland and not just Cobourg.  All are free although Northumberland News requires registration to get everything.

Additional Sources of News

Other web sites with coverage of Cobourg News (as of May 2021)

News Source Twitter Operated by Type Email Subscription Includes
Today’s Northumberland Pete Fisher Pete Fisher News  – focus on Police, accidents, primarily West Northumberland – recommended. Weekly No No comments
Northumberland News  North News MetroLand Media  News Wide ranging, all Northumberland – paid registration required for full access – recommended. Daily * Yes Comments for subscribers but rarely made

Cobourg Now

  Jay Robinson  News – mostly feel good news, separate pages for each community No No With login via WordPress,com 
Northumberland 89.7 FM Truly Local Community Radio Station News – in depth reports, primarily West Northumberland No Yes No comments
My FM   My Broadcasting Corporation (Radio)  News – wide ranging Daily * Yes No comments
Breaking News Northumberland Austin Brettell Austin Brettell Police and Fire news No No Allowed but rarely made
Consider This Robert Washburn Robert Washburn  News Blog No No No comments
JG Sports media JG Sports Media Jeff Gard Specializes in Sports New Posts No No comments
Cobourg Media Graham Beer Graham Beer News – blog format – special events with videos No No Allowed but rarely made

* Recommended subscriptions (as well as Cobourg News Blog – see also Town of Cobourg news below).

If you’d like to follow Cobourg news Blog on Twitter, go here.  Every time there’s a new post, a tweet is sent out which includes a link.  So subscribing to Twitter is an alternative to subscribing to the email service. I’m not a fan of Facebook or Instagram for News so these are not included here.

Town of Cobourg News

  • The Town has a News Centre page for Public announcements and Press Releases.  Go here.
  • The Town’s Twitter page is here.
  • Or sign up for their newsletters here.  I recommend you sign up for Press Releases and Public Notices and any others you have a special interest in.

Archives of News

For older news, web sites use a search function to allow readers to access older stories.  The local news web sites that have this capability are:

  • Cobourg News Blog – September 2017 to current date – go to search box – top right every page. Home page.
  • Northumberland News – 2002 to current date – Includes Northumberland Today articles from 2012 to November 2017.  Go to search box at top right of page. Home page 
  • Today’s Northumberland – Feb 2018 to current date.  Go to search box – top right  every page – Home page
  • Cobourg Now – March 2016 to current date. Go to search box below menu at top right. Home Page  
  • Cobourg Media (Graham Beer) – November 2016 to current date. Go to search box below menu at top right. Home Page

Note that old news (more than a few years old) occupies space on servers and it’s unrealistic to expect it to be preserved forever.  If you think an old article is worth preserving, then download it and save it on your computer or print it.

Events Calendars

There is a list of calendars telling you what’s on in Cobourg available here.