Topics covered

The focus is Cobourg – not Port Hope or Northumberland.  Not all news is covered – but if you feel something should be covered but is not, feel free to email me at john@cobourginternet.com   If it fits per the criteria below, and it’s of local interest, I will likely post on it.  For a list of other online sources of news in Cobourg, go here.

News coverage is intended to be unbiased and neutral – an exception is the Category “The Passing Scene”, an opinion column by Grahame Woods.

News items covered: 

  • Cobourg Council Meetings – occasionally County Council – also Municipal activities
  • Provincial and Federal Politics that directly affect Cobourg
  • Major crime like hold-ups but not minor crime like domestic disputes
  • Elections in Cobourg and related politics 
  • Business issues – including some Real Estate updates
  • Significant Police activities
  • Citizen activism
  • Announcements and major or unusual events in Town.
  • Anything significant enough about Cobourg to get in Toronto or National papers.
  • An opinion “column” by Grahame Woods – these items are collected under the category “Passing Scene”.  These are NOT to be considered unbiased news but represent Grahame’s opinion.

Items NOT covered

  • Most sports events – unusual or major events may be mentioned.
  • Fundraising (although Fundraising events will often be listed on the Entertainment calendar)
  • Community meetings – instead see this list of Community organizations.
  • Community notices such as weddings, deaths, engagements, births
  • A  repeat of news previously announced
  • Church announcements.

Other information about Cobourg

  • There is a whole lot of information about Cobourg at the parent site: Cobourg Internet
  • Included there is a comprehensive Entertainment Calendar, Transit info and Council/Town info

Policy on Public Announcements

Some events or causes get publicity and other do not and it may seem that this is arbitrary but it is not.  Entertainment events (that is, events intended to entertain) are listed in the Cobourg Internet Entertainment Calendar here but a post is only written on events like a political announcement when they are a “News Event”.  Generally this means a Press conference, the presence of politicians, the media are invited etc.  Please don’t simply email me and ask me to “help publicise this worthy cause.”  It may well be worthy but it has to be a news item to get in this News Blog.


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Unlike some other news sources, there are NO “sponsored” news items – Sponsored means paid for.  No news is paid for.  The only advertisements on this site are Google Ads and are labelled as such.  Their content is determined solely by Google.


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