The news section of the Cobourg Internet site is now on this URL.  All new posts are here although all existing posts on the main Cobourg Internet site will continue to be accessible (but without their comments).

Blog features

  1. If you are registered and login, you can edit a comment for 3 hours after you posted it;
  2. All new posts are tweeted;
  3. You can sort posts by category (Tag)
  4. The count of hits is more accurate since a repeat visit is only counted after 4 hours instead of more often;
  5. Better integration with Google+ and Twitter;
  6. Ability to “Like” a post.
  7. Repeat comments will not end up with “please enter a name” as the name;
  8. Comments will be updated as they happen (every 30 seconds) and while you watch.
  9. The requirement to include a user name and email will be better enforced;
  10. You can not only scroll through multiple photos but also watch them with a slide show;
  11. Better management of spam.
  12. Easier for the moderator to manage comments.


News is sourced from the following:

  • Original information gleaned from direct observation – the name of the person providing the information or a photo indicating the facts will indicate the source. Notes taken while attending a public meeting such as a council meeting or town public information meeting.
  • Press Releases by Police, Town or other public entities;
  • Facebook and Twitter pages of DBIA, Town or other entities;
  • Very rarely, other news outlets – which will be directly indicated and credited.


What pages have comments

New comments are enabled for news items for the current year for 90 days.  Old comments will not be deleted.

How to Comment

Under the heading “Leave a Reply”, click in the box where it says “Start the Discussion”.  Or click on reply under a specific comment. Enter your comment then be sure to enter a name and your email address. The email address is not published but must be provided. It is used for the notify feature and for the rare occasion that a moderator communicates with commenters. If you are not logged in, click the ReCaptcha box. Comments that include slander, spam or hate messages will be deleted. Spam includes any attempts to sell products or services or soliciting votes in an election. Slander includes any personal attacks.  Most attempts at spam are automatically deleted – others will be manually deleted.

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Your name should be unique – don’t use “anonymous” or any other name already used. If you bypass these requirements, your comment will be deleted.  Many blogs require 100% registration – the only thing I ask is that you identify yourself – is that so hard? Once a name is chosen, continue to use that. If you pretend to be two (or more) different people, your name may be edited and you risk being banned – it will also help you with repeated comments if you use the same name.

Your Email should be real (that is, it must work and be valid) – if not your comment may be deleted.  If you persist with an invalid email, your comments WILL be deleted.

You may edit your comment for 30 minutes.


Immediately before the Reply text box is an option to be notified of follow-up comments.  You can choose to be notified of all comments or just those responding to your comments.

To Register

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If you suddenly cannot get access to the site at all, chances are that you have been inadvertently locked out. The most common reason for this is if you have attempted login unsuccessfully 7 times inside 15 minutes. If this happens, you can wait a month or so to be automatically unblocked or contact me and I will unblock you.

Occasionally, your comment will be accepted but not published. Generally I can and will manually authorize your comment. The symptom of this is a delay in becoming visible.


The site uses WordPress and URLs as follows:

  • CobourgBlog.ca
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Any of these URLs can be used to access the site.

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